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Hit-and-run in West San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A hit-and-run accident occurred this weekend on the far west side of San Antonio. According to reports, the collision happened at 4:51 p.m. on Saturday on the Northwest 410 Loop. An unknown vehicle crashed into a 2014 Kia holding a driver and two passengers. It’s unclear if any of the persons in the car suffered injuries from the collision.

Police are currently investigating the accident and attempting to find the driver of the unknown vehicle. If you have any information, please contact the SAPD.

We’ll update you when we learn more.

Disclaimer: The San Antonio car accident attorneys at Herrman and Herrman are dedicated to keeping you and your loved ones safe. We hope that our traffic accident reports will help you protect yourself and avoid an accident whenever possible. This article is not intended to provide legal or medical advice. If you were hurt in a car accident and need legal counsel, contact Herrman and Herrman today.