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Intoxicated driver crashes into minivan

SAN ANTONIO, TX – An intoxicated driver traveling the wrong way on Interstate 35 crashed into a minivan carrying a family of six late Tuesday night, injuring at least one.

The family was driving their minivan on IH-35 South near Southwest Military Drive at approximately 11:30 p.m. on May 12. News 4 San Antonio reports that a 56-year-old man driving a small car entered IH-35 South and drove in the wrong direction until he crashed into the minivan.

The small vehicle responsible for the crash was totaled in the accident. A rescue crew had to use the Jaws of Life to free the driver from the severely damaged vehicle. The wrong-way driver sustained critical injuries in the accident, and paramedics rushed the man to the hospital for treatment.

One family member in the minivan also sustained severe injuries in the crash and was transported to the hospital. The police report that this family member is in critical condition. However, all of the children in the minivan at the time of the accident appeared uninjured.

The San Antonio Police Department suspects that the wrong-way driver was intoxicated. The 56-year-old man is facing a charge of intoxication assault.

Disclaimer: The San Antonio intoxicated driving accident attorneys at Herrman and Herrman provide up-to-date accident information to help protect our community. We hope that this article will help you stay informed and keep yourself and your loved ones safe. This article is not intended to provide medical or legal advice. If you were hurt in an accident with an intoxicated driver and need legal counsel, contact Herrman and Herrman today.