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Man sentenced to federal prison for 2019 Robstown crash

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – A man has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison following a car accident that killed six in Robstown, reports KIIITV.

According to KIIITV, the crash took place in June 2019 when the man, 31-year-old Puga Moreno, crashed his SUV into a ditch. Police had been trying to pull his SUV over but he sped off and police lost track of his vehicle. Hours later police received a report of injured men walking on the highway. Police then located the crashed vehicle.

Six men were found dead in the vehicle. Eight more individuals were injured in the crash.

Moreno has been convicted of attempting to smuggle 18 people into the country. He will be deported after serving his sentence.

Four other people have been charged in connection to the incident.

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