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Police chase ends in rollover collision at Cuatro Vientos Blvd and Lomas Del Sur Blvd

LAREDO, TX – A police pursuit ended when the suspect’s vehicle collided with another car at Cuatro Vientos Blvd and Lomas Del Sur Blvd on Monday, according to KIII.

Officers with Border Patrol and the Texas Department of Public Safety were looking for a suspicious vehicle on U.S. 93. They eventually found the vehicle on Magana Hein Rd. The suspect did not pull over and instead lead the officers on a chase.

The suspect’s vehicle then turned north on Cuatro Vientos Blvd. As the vehicle approached the intersection with Lomas Del Sur Blvd, it collided with another car. The impact caused one of the vehicles to roll over.

Several people then exited the suspect’s vehicle and attempted to flee the scene on foot. Police eventually caught up with and apprehended everyone that was in the suspect’s vehicle. They are believed to be citizens of several countries including Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Authorities have not yet released the names or current conditions of anyone involved in the accident.

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