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Police officer fatally strikes pedestrian during pursuit of stolen vehicle in Sunnyside

HOUSTON, TX – According to Fox San Antonio, the driver of a Houston police patrol car fatally struck a pedestrian near Scott St and Reed Rd Sunday.

Police say that multiple suspects robbed a woman at gunpoint around 5  p.m., stealing her purse and truck. Officers located the truck on Scott St near Reed Rd because the vehicle had tracking systems. They attempted to pull the vehicle over, but it sped off instead, leading them on a chase that lasted several blocks.

The pursuit ended at an apartment complex on Barberry Dr. Officers attempting to assist in the pursuit were driving west on Reed Rd when they lost control of the vehicle, went on the sidewalk, and struck a pedestrian.

Officers performed CPR on the victim, but he died at the scene. He has been identified only as a Black man in his 40s.

The District Attorney’s Office is investigating the case. The two officers involved have been put on administrative leave.

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