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Semi-truck driver hits, injures man on Hwy 90

SAN ANTONIO, TX – According to Fox 29, a driver struck and injured a man during a road rage incident on Hwy 90 Friday.

Yudi Samir Aguilar was operating a Dodge Ram when he cut off a semi-truck driver that was merging onto Hwy 90 West.

Both drivers exited their vehicles and had a confrontation. Aguilar returned to his vehicle and tried to leave the area. The semi-truck driver tried to prevent Aguilar from leaving. Aguilar then collided with the semi-truck driver.

The collision broke the victim’s leg and gave him a laceration on his abdomen. He called 911 and deputies located the Aguilar.

Deputies arrested Aguilar and charged him with Aggravated Assault with a deadly weapon and Failure to stop and render aid.

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