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Three children injured after car hits their ATV

ALTON, TX – Three children under the age of seven were injured after a sedan struck their all-terrain vehicle on Thursday, according to KRGV.

DPS said an all-terrain vehicle containing three children was struck by a sedan driving in the same direction. The driver of the sedan said they didn’t see the ATV prior to impact. All three children onboard the ATV were injured, one seriously.

DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez said the children were “…hanging outside of the ATV while they were operating the ATV on the roadway. So upon the impact the two that were inside the ATV were somewhat protected. But the female child that was hanging on the outside, she fell once the ATV impacted the fence and hit her head.”

Olivarez added that the child who was hanging outside of the ATV sustained serious injuries that required her to be airlifted to McAllen Medical Center by Air Med. The other two children were transported by ground to the hospital for observation.

According to DPS, no charges have been filed yet and the incident is under investigation.

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