Uber driver unexpectedly involved in shootout on Interstate 10

SAN ANTONIO, TX – An Uber driver was working this past Tuesday night when he was unexpectedly involved in a shootout on the East Side. Police received a call at around 11 p.m. about a shooting on Interstate 10 near New Braunfels Avenue.

Fox San Antonio reports that an Uber driver in a white SUV picked up two passengers. The driver was on Interstate 10 when another vehicle pulled up beside the SUV and opened fire. The passengers in the Uber returned fire as well. The gunfire shattered both the front and rear windows.

The Uber driver pulled over the vehicle, and the two passengers ran out.

So far, SAPD has been unable to locate the two passengers or the vehicle that pulled up to the SUV. We can confirm that one of the passengers was injured in the shootout. Police are currently investigating the situation, and our team will update you when we learn more.

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