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FAQ’s with Steven Stratso | Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyers

Herrman and Stratso discuss your options on what to do when the person who hits you in a car accident doesn't have insurance. 27th Congressional district election, Families Belong Together March, and our summer scholarship giveaway are also discussed! If you liked this video, please like and subscribe to our channel.

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hello everybody welcome again to frequently asked question Friday I'm here again with attorney Stephen scratch so thank you for on what three weeks ago yeah a few weeks ago anyway with our question today is if the person who hit me doesn't have insurance what are my options so it's a situation we come across all the time that dental clients come into to the office and unfortunately the person that hit them has no insurance coverage there's a few things that you can do one is you can go after that individual personally you can sue them best case scenario is you have what's called uninsured motorist coverage now this is you pay for each month along with your own insurance premiums it's a it's a part of your insurance it cost extra you pay for each month for this specific situation if somebody hits you doesn't have insurance you can use the uninsured motorist portion of your insurance coverage we're about suppose they don't have you animal if they don't have um you could potentially go after the other person and suit them problem with that is with how the laws are written here in Texas people will individuals are kind of judgment proof meaning they don't really have assets that you can go after so they don't have any it's possibly personal injury protection that they may have but other than that there's really no no real recourse so to collect and I think we've discussed personal injury protection but you want to just talk for that is real quick personal injury protection it's kind of a no-fault protection and involves you have medical bills related to the a lost wage claims you can also make we do encourage everyone that have at least $10,000 in personal injury protection on the Edit to their policy they don't already have and that's no fault insurance right correct what some people don't have pick with the omit pit we see that it's not quite as common as personal injury protection promise mint pages sometimes you have to segregate with the adverse insurance carrier for med pay and the kind of pay it back if there is any coverage there so if we do encourage PIP over over that payload set um and what about if you have health insurance your health insurance is that's always an option you got a hospital or something you can always use your own private health insurance to pay for that so that that is always an option but as far as getting a pain and suffering you know you're not you're not gonna get that from your own private health insurance coverage don't just cover your bills might say hey be probably fight China yeah yeah um what about dumb I know there's some collective victims Assistance Fund um if they like if maybe drunk driver or something like that you can get through the through the criminal system is that what you're referring to you see that a lot with drunk drivers and you know they've got two hundred thousand dollars in in hospital bills something like that sometimes they they've got some programs set up through the county to assist with paintings large bills it that people are gonna be able to pay so I do see that kind of time does that mainly apply just to the criminal type of cases like right that's where I see the most that's where I see it the most I have to say um let's talk just a second about selling the individual because I know lots of people think that you know when we file a lawsuit that's what we're doing we're suing the individual person is that actually what we're doing when we file a lawsuit well when we filed a lawsuit we do name the address driver in the in the petition however it's their insurance that actually kicks in hit in the paper to defend them they're the ones that end up paying if there is a settlement so while you are suing that individual it's not really damn that's having to what what are the you say well what are the chances of recovering for an individual you know let's say somebody watching here today runs into somebody you know what's the odd to them getting suit without insurance but city and somebody recovering from them or or they ever cover somebody else in Trenton it's it's pretty slim again with the homestead laws here in Texas it's not just not something excuse me it's just something that that you don't see very often and that's because most people don't have assets most people don't have a million dollars that you can go after and if they do those people usually have insurance so do you have to have a million dollars to be judgment-proof um you gotta have a lot you know you can't just be a you know middle-income person you know just Joe Smith out on the street it's probably not someone that you're gonna be able to go after start recovering like like what what else covered under that homestead love like what property mine that's a would be covered it would be here your house I believe it involves your vehicles and then I get the limit that the limit you'd have in in the bank but it's usually higher than than most people you didn't have I know used to be like thirty thousand dollars of personal property think that's it I do think that's gone and then in addition you got work tools and things that were excluded and that nobody could judge McGarr couldn't yet and you got some chickens and some pigs and some Kevin it really made it difficult yeah they've really made it difficult to go after anyone I remember my Texas history they said that's why a Davy Crockett and Daniel Burnham some of those guys boot because it was a better statement those guys were kind of running from the from the creditors in Tennessee and elsewhere right yeah it's good state for it all right okay well we're gonna cut a little bit short today because I want to make a couple of announcements just a reminder tomorrow is the the election for Senate our congressional district 27 which is the district that Blake Ferren called abdicated and quit office over so we had nobody representing us right now so don't get that confused with the election in November which will be for the following two years starting in January this and this is an election tomorrow to fill up Blake's seat between now and January of next year so we'll have a representative for the next whatever that is eight months or so I believe the courthouse is closed tomorrow so you can't go vote there but I see you can vote at the death deaf and hard of hearing center on McArdle Road 501 501 McArdle del Mar College at 101 Baldwin Avenue fire station seven nine eleven and twelve which are on staples Navigation airline and Grand Morgan and in Port Aransas at the City Hall and I believe we're gonna have a link Chris you know we will have a link we'll put up that will give you all the voting places again I think this is an extremely important election we need to get more Democrats in there nobody on the Republican side seems to be doing their constitutional duty of being a check to Donald Trump and he's becoming more and more like a dictator every day just doing what he wants and the Republicans have no spine if they ran into primary and apparently is he run in a primary and you know support Trump 100% you get primary doubt and you don't even get up for election in November so all the Republicans are running scared and all they care about is getting reelected even though you know it's not good for the for the United States they would rather keep their job and destroy democracy and have a dictatorship so they get to keep their job that's not what the framers of the Constitution envisioned they envisioned in Congress would be a check on on the president and they are not doing that in addition of Justice Kennedy announced yesterday he's retiring from the Supreme Court and he was kind of the moderate you know most decisions decisions anymore in Spring Quarter 5 before and Justice Kennedy was the swing vote sometimes he folk with the more liberal judges sometimes you vote with more conservative judges but he was kind of a swing vote that would keep crazy most crazy stuff from happening but with him gone Trump's going to get another appointment kind of like this Neil abortion of course it can you can see what he does you know whatever Trump once he rubber stamps and so this is how difficult it for forms you get the courts on your side you get legislative branch afraid to stand up to you suddenly you can do whatever you want and that you know appears to be happening at the same time of course Trump is undermining any faith people have in the special prosecutor the Moller investigation he obviously was helped out by Putin and the Russians in the election you know why else why else would he not impose sanctions on Russia even though Congress told them to why else does he never criticize Putin even though he criticizes everybody else on earth but he won't criticize Putin a knee won't even ask the CIA the NSA or the FBI to look into Russia's the allegations at Russia not only camper at their last election but they're they're doing it again for the 2018 elections he is not even directed them to try to prevent it though that should tell you something most year probably too young to remember earliest 20 in the early part of 20th century where we had two world wars and they were fought because of right-wing dictators taken over in Europe and Asia and you know people have short memories and they forget but it can happen again so I think it's very very important you go out and vote tomorrow um there's also a march tomorrow it is uh it's called families belong together and this is to protest Donald Trump separating children from their families at our border and choosing all these refugees or being criminals put them trying to put them all in jail and send sending the kids to other families and they either deport the parents or lock them up in jails and separating families so there is a big march tomorrow in Washington DC and bunch of cities around the United States ours is a cold Park tomorrow at 11:30 so if you can make it out to the families belong together March that would be great we also have our scholarship wanted to remind you again levy go to Herman Herman comm slash scholarship backslash scholarship first place is $2,500 go to help p.m. school second place $1,500 third place is $1,000 so if you know anybody any students high school or college that need some money for school which in my experience is pretty much every student I've ever met tell them that's a good place to go look and get some free money we people from California in New York and the East Coast and West Coast keep one in this thing we would like we would like some Texas learners and then be great test from South Texas one here so go to our scholarship page and you can read the rules also reminder our faster Texas summer giveaway the winners going to be selected on July 12th so go to Facebook for instructions on how to win that and finally I want to announce that Herman Homer is going to start taking gadolinium cases gadda lynnium because it is a contrast agent that they use when you get an MRI and some some people may have had a gadolinium case in the past those cases were for kidney damage but it turns out they are finding out that gadolinium which is a rare-earth they thought would pass through your body of just you know when you urinate and it be out of your body in month two months six months it turns out it's not doing that it's staying in your body it's going through your brain it's going into your bones and it's going into your skin and people are having all kinds of problems cognitive issues because of gadolinium having skin skin problems and lots of bone problems we don't have the full list of of everything it does to you but if you've ever had to get a lynnium case before that's what we're calling gadolinium one this is gadolinium too so if you still have a case because this stuff apparently stays in your body forever and it's going to cause all kinds of problems so if you've had again he got a linden case to begin with because of kidney issues you've now got another case you can come in and talk to us about that or if you you know me buddy it has an MRI or it's gotten in the MRI that they used a contrast agent for not you know most MRIs that just puts you in the magnet and they just take pictures but a contrast agent is where they inject you with this contrast agent it's like a they call it like a radioactive dye and that's supposed to go to like let's say looking for a fraction that dye will go and show up show on your bones where that fracture is going show up in joints and ligaments and things so that's the that's the agent that is causing all the problems so anyway we're taking gadda lynnium cases so i just wanted to get that out to everybody and i think that's it Steven you got anything you want to add think that's it just get out boat and we'll see it cold for tomorrow all right thank you your buddy again and we will see you next Friday same time same Channel