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FAQ Friday w/ Gregory Herrman | Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyers

Mr. Herrman talks about high school students voting, our upcoming giveaway, and our current scholarship. If you liked this video, please like and subscribe to our channel.

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alright hello everybody thanks welcome to frequently asked questions Friday again no guests this week so just me by myself so I'm just gonna make a few announcements first of all this most of you guys are where we're having a benefit for JK Bryson's family he and his wife were both killed in a motorcycle accident his wife philospher and he died later and so we having a barbeque here tomorrow from 11 to 2 p.m. at the Herman Herman office 1201 3rd Street come by here to get your barbecue plate if you've already gotten your tickets but also if you haven't and you can't make it by today to get a ticket we will have extra food we're going to cook an extra poutine come by tomorrow and and just buy a plate we'll also be selling baked goods to help benefit the family too so you know if you want to help the family further by some baked goods so that's Tamar again from 11 a.m. here till 2 p.m. next I swear may know that we don't have a giveaway right the second we're gonna have one it'll be next week but hopefully by Monday so just follow us on social media stay tuned and we'll be posting something first part of next I want to remind everybody again about our scholarship deadline is December 1st so you got four months slightly less informants first place is $2,500 second place is $1,500 third place and a thousand sure we'd like to see somebody from this area win someone from the east coast or west coast real simple dude just go to our scholarship page from Norma calm and submit your six hundred word essay yeah nothing to lose just just go pride here Aveeno in first place name you'll come in third place thousand bucks I help you with you know pays the tuition and buy some books so everybody please go to your website and hit enter Oh last thing I wanna talk just a little bit about voting it seems to me especially if you're a student in any high school or junior high in this country you should be really concerned about gunman coming into your school and shooting it up you know you see it all the time on the news that seems to be the preferential way now for disgruntled students and since with no problems to get back at what they perceive to be missed justices and bullies you know they come in with a K a ke R assault rifles and shoot up the school so I would think this this would be something that we're concerned most people you know whether it's some kind of increased gun control or whether it's some kind of increased security for your school nothing's going to really happen if you guys don't stand up and make it an issue and vote and you've gotta vote for the the people that are going to do something about it didn't care about it and you can't do that unless you're registered to vote as it turns out there's a state law in Texas that says all high schools have to feel students even seventeen-year-old students all the materials to register to vote if if they're gonna turn 18 and none of the schools and not like I say none but two-thirds of the schools and Texas don't do that so don't count on your school giving you the tools to register you're gonna need to do it yourself we're going to put a link on Facebook and you can go there and you can register you've gotta remember that deadline to register is like total night so if you have Richler then you're not going to be voting in the knee November elections and if you pay attention to what's going on at all in the world I would think you would be extremely concerned with the direction that our country is taking so please register please go vote don't wait till the last second even if you think you are registered to vote double check because they are purging people from voter rolls Ohio first a whole bunch of people hurts mess with voters from the rolls and the case went up to the Supreme Court in the United States and they said that's fine how to purge all those people so you could be person with voter rolls and not even know it and so the only way you're going to know is if you go check and make sure so because if you're not if you're not registered vote then you need to get that fixed and you don't know what kind of voter ID either in a requiring of you or what kind of loops are going to put you through to get you to make you able to register so just whether you register or not double check click on the link double check so you can register it if not go register we need to do something and if you don't go vote then you know bad things happen in this country which my mind already Hetson it's going to be yeah nobody divine but yourself so again deadline to Richard wrote October 19th excuse me October nights so please click on the link and go vote go register so that's enough for today next week we will I want to be here so we'll see you two weeks or a day same time same Channel