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FAQ Friday w/ Gregory Herrman & Craig Henderson| Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyers

Herrman interviews Craig Henderson, who is running for judge for 105th district court. Herrman also announces our Labor Day giveaway winner and gives information on our scholarship. If you liked this video, please like and subscribe to our channel.

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all right well hello everybody welcome again to frequently asked questions Friday today we've got Craig Henderson he is a attorney here in Corpus Christi and he is running for the 105th district court sure glad you could make it you want to just tell everybody little bit about yourself sure my name is Craig Henderson I'm an attorney practicing here in Corpus Christi I have been an attorney for 26 years practicing predominantly in civil trial all board certified water and great as you know what certification we try to certain number of cases we've taken exams I also passed so you you've seen both sides yes just kind of I guess what you need it's gonna be a judge I think so I think it's really important to understand were you from originally we moved to Corpus Christi in 1969 so I grew up here 69s for your for yes I'm 52 years old right now but you're from where you're born I was born in Ohio okay sir all right let's get laid okay you went to school here what st. James and I went - Austin sisters went to the rain okay College University Texas and universities all right well now your your opponent is this Jack culture yes why should the voters vote for you or were Jack well and I get that question along and what I have told people I've been asked the question is why are you running against generally I think it's wrong to perfectly frank had very little to do jack culture had a lot to do with what it was that I wanted to practice I wanted fair judge I promised to running an open and fair efficient and I think that's understand understand understand the person sitting up that man just won't be fair so give them a fair shot percent of their cases it depends and so I don't offer it reason why I'm better than Jack Miller I offer myself to my nation is there a feeling maybe that Jack is not necessarily there no I wouldn't I would say I've never heard the only I would say is from our plaintiffs lawyers point of view is a Republican a Republican judges seem to rule rule more for the defendants at trial and in hearings than they do for the plaintiffs but for the injured people they tend to rule with the insurance companies and the corporations and so we just generally feel like we don't get a fair shake with Republican donors so I know you don't want to use some of that I'm not accusing him of that either I'm just saying in general our Republican judges and that polite is what we would call fair as as our democratic right it's no it's more important I think that so you walk into a courtroom and you know this blows I know this we've never guarantee results of what you want to have people win or lose they walk out and say well at least I know I got a first-rate I got a fair shake somebody listen to what I have to say I think they really yes well that was pretty easy anything else you want to add or say a couple things one I'm a big believer in our judicial system I think it's the best system Constitution and so there's two things that all the folks can do to really support Constitution to easy vote and serve insurance and I believe with all all of your listeners everybody listening to this is do those two things and you've done a huge service your country make sure you vote on November 6 you get that summons I know it can be painful sometimes it could be inconvenient but serve on that journey manner would you then does you've done your part and supporting our Constitution so yeah I appreciate the time just let me visit yeah and it does seem like our Constitution is under attack lately you know sometimes we take it for granted all right we're going to come back to it let me just make a couple of announcements real quick our YouTube winner for our Labor Day Giveaway is JT Ramos and regarded contact with him so he knows you know z1 also tomorrow is the second annual addiction recovery 5k and coal park and we'll be out there tomorrow with the folks that we sponsors so like come out and enjoy the race third don't forget about our scholarship first place winner is $2,500 second place is 1500 third place is a thousand go to our website go the scholarship page it tells you how to enter it's real simple to get alrighty messing and I say this every week but we really get tired of people from New York in the East Coast with California and West Coast won in this thing we would love for local people some local people to win the scholarship so please go in or you you guys have just as much chance to run into somebody from New York so please go in there lastly to get back to the point you were talking about is voting I'm going to remind everybody again that deadline to register to vote is October 9 and don't just assume that you're registered to vote because as I said before a lot of people here in the last election when went down to vote and when they showed up they found out they got kicked off the voter rolls and so especially if you haven't voted in a row in a while you may have been kicked off the boat but even if you have there's just it seems to be something behind the scenes where people are getting booted off the up the voter rolls and the US Supreme Court just let Ohio do it and told Ohio that's fine you take all these people off the voting rolls so even if you've been registered before don't assume you're registered so go go double check and we'll put the link up again so you can double-check make sure you are registered to vote because you don't want to show up for an early voting or worse on Election Day and find out hey you can't vote you're not finished so as Craig Anderson just said there's two things we can do to support our Constitution one of this vote and the other serve on juries well Cabella vote if you're not registered so please double check that and as as is apparent to most people our Constitution is under under attack right now so we need to pull the Constitution we need to protect it and all the way we're going to do that is the vote and you can't vote if you don't register so police after Chris puts the link up go check it make sure you register both if you not start trying to register right now because you're going to run out of time or other obstacles may come up they don't like your IDE or they don't like you know whatever and so you know you just want to take care of that now so you're not trying to make sure you got all your IDs and stuff at the very low stuff so all right well Craig you anything else Wyatt just again I appreciate the time okay well thanks for coming right thank you very much appreciate okay thank you all right well that's it this week thanks everybody and we will see you again next week FAQ fright