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FAQ Friday w/ Gregory Herrman & Daniel Covich | Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyers

Herrman and Covich discuss over the Voter I.D., case along with information on our Fiesta Texas giveaway, and our scholarship awards. If you liked this video, please like and subscribe to our channel.

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all right well hello everybody welcome to game to frequently asked questions right uh we're supposed to have a lawyer here named daniel Kovich guess he's running late so we're gonna just start without him Oh first place are when I mentioned our scholarship and that runs through December 1st we're giving away the scholarship money 1st place is $2,500 second place $1,500 third place is $1,000 all you have to do is go write an essay believe it 600 words and the essay is regarding technology and vehicles and if most of y'all know cars are getting smarter and smarter and they're adding more things to them and a lot of people argue that they're increasing distractions when you have navigation systems and radios and satellite radios and internet and all these things connected to your car it's making cars more distracting so our question is is what technological changes can be added to a vehicle to make them more safe and to get rid of these distractions so but anyway you can go read these a title and description or I go to Herman Armand calm and click on our backslash scholarships or just go to our murmured calm and look at the scholarships page and read more about it and again anybody can enter you know we keep having people in California and New York win and the East Coast and West Coast and we sure would like some local winners so everybody please go you never know go in and write the essay and submit it you've got till December 1st but don't like the last second I can tell you we get a whole lot of a lot of entries you know the last week before the the contest is over and you know it's I'm not going to say you have less of a chance of winning if you wait to the end but you're s kinda gets lost with you know a couple hundred others if you submit one now and it's good it's gonna stick out in our mind we're gonna remember it if you come in with 200 others it's easy to get lost and for us to do so personally I think they've a better chance to be given in order and that way you don't miss a deadline you second I remember remind everybody our summer giveaway on Facebook we'll give away four tickets to Fiesta Texas plus a parking pass past plus a gas card to buy gas to go to Fiesta Texas so go on Facebook you've got until July 12th which I believe is next Thursday and we'll cutting off all entries so go on there and enter that right now all right well Danny Daniel will come a showdown finally here so we'll get started with Daniel we're going about nine minutes so a couple things you want to talk about one was the voter ID case which which cases is well this is the this is what was originally invested versus Perry in Perry at the time was governor Perry Texas and now it's it's morphed into vesting versus Abbott because a bizarre current governor and Greg this is the case you and I talked about in 2011 they saw I know that you're tuned in on voting and I know that Herman Herman would encourage people to vote however they wanna both vote you get time off you encourage people to vote you go out of your way to make it fun and experience but also a beautiful thing to do it's an amazing thing home to her me to see the way you put efforts your buddy what's interesting is that you know Herman Herman is on on the pleadings where the United States Supreme Court right now with the speci versus have a case this is the original voter ID case that started 2011 under Senate bill 14 said bill 14 is the one that was attempting to add more requirements for people to go vote we had to show two forms of ID it sounds like no big deal it sounds simple enough what's the problem the problem is you have a lot of people that don't necessarily have photographers licenses you've got a lot of elderly people in particular the demographics are elderly minorities in Texas that maybe have it like a gas bill they don't have a Texas ID or Texas driver's license they just don't have one or it's expired wherever there may be and so the estimate of we were hired as local counsel this case was pending here in front of federal judge Ramos and I was brought in and we were brought in as local counsel on the half of one of the many organizations that were part of that lawsuit our representation was for the n-double-a-cp 2011 case and we we won that case that was an outright victory for us on voter suppression judge Ramos ruled in our favor and in fact found on top of the lobby and the grande overbearing found intentional discrimination and intentional discrimination finding by Judge Roberts on Senate bill 14 is a big deal dad let me to stop for saying I thought this was already heard by the Supreme Court and they already said no it's fine state fixes can require people to show up with with ID yes and though what the Apple the orange here is the over broadness and the oppressiveness of central 14th 2011 and then when actually the Supreme Court spoke to which was Senate bill 5 which is introduced in 2017 and what the Supreme Court said in the most recent decision which is somewhat of a loss for us not a victory for us is that Senate bill 5 addresses all the concerns that that we have of the plaintiffs had was set on with Senate bill 14 2011 the Fifth Circuit reversed and rendered in on the issue of intentional discrimination that's what this day and that's what really got the state the going is because if you have a finding of attention discrimination through the appellate courts then it triggers a federal supervision of the elections and that is what the state of Texas fought tooth and nail on appeal was to fight and win back the finding of no intentional discrimination that's the finding big on its narrowly interpreted to that and then there was a general interpretation of Senate bill five to 2017 bill as kind of taking care of any of the other concerns the Senate five took care of many other concerns and then doesn't that solve Senate bill dissidents inability eleven issues it said the fourteenth or they it it does and it doesn't the most important thing we did is is in my opinion is just to call it what it is was we've cut the head off the snake or said it before to what came after that were wider kinder gentler versions of the same thing but looking at at the trees and then try to back up and see the forest it is that a lot of ways could be seen as an overall tactic to get less people to vote if you look at the redistricting that goes on where they just keep moving the voting blocks around then if you look at the simple as the voting locations the polling locations where you go to vote change even a constant based basis you have the seventy eighty year old people that have been going to the same elementary school for 30 years to vote and they show up there and they can't both and yeah it's at a local county white is that who's doing that here on the county look it is County is countywide it just so happens to be about every county in Texas but I mean I guess with Cara sans be the person here in Oasis County that is decided more people could vote yes and and moving those locations around in fairness to her or she also has pushed very hard to get voter awareness out there on the change locations but they definitely change so she's she's she gets an a-plus on getting the word out there but she also gets an a-plus for toilet the parting line on what basically if I move my location so she hasn't half Furley for that is with it yes you remember that party this time to confuse me that's right it just to keep the vote down is important and I think a lot of it ties into and I'll say the word ties it to the immigration future so Texas you know really immigration in a lot of ways we know those trial lawyers would have put a defense lawyer uses the word immigrant whether that's code for outsider that's what that's code for to a jury and so to the average population use of the word immigrant means outsider and and the fear of that all of these voter laws started because they fear an influx of immigration to Texas that was the fear they didn't want new voters from outside the United States and they think all these voters are going to vote for Democrats that's right that's right and that's how this this all started that's really what it started for and and that was the fear behind it it hasn't happened I think that we found in the 2011 federal case there were two instances of in-person voter fraud in the last hundred fifteen years the issue that has never been addressed or is now just finally getting addressed which is I think a bigger issue if any if there's any issue out there is the mail of ballots which honestly sent Senate bill fourteen Senate bill five don't even dress they don't address the larger issue of Eila ballot they only address little person vote that's we're back to the fear of the immigration reports of Texas well Donald Trump says six million people voted illegally in the last 2016 there any evidence back data I I haven't seen it you know we have it has anybody seen no I thought that I'm aware of no was shared with me or you I can tell you or any any other credible organization well I can tell you that Senate bill fourteen had in fact would have would have affected over 600,000 registered voters of registered voters ability to develop the same sentence had that law continued so I think that that permanent heard me that we did a good thing by beating that back considering that we had the sponsors of the bill we had the Senators take the stand who actually wrote the bills in 2010 became law in 2011 who said that there that they had only seen two cases of adverse avoided fraud in 150 years so millions and millions of taxpayer dollars was spent on Senate bill 14 - two instances only this could have big shout-out to a federal judge neligan's olives - for having the courage to hold this Senate bill five unconstitutional yeah and 14 and you know and I would never want to play poker with with her the whole time you're trying this case you have he just cannot read her there's no way to know how it's going to go what the rule is you're going to be and if you read the rule English public record on Bessie vs. avid Bessie versus Perry you can see the amount of logic and law and precedent and the reason that we in their opinion it is it it is a well first did a really really fine new scholar I know you want to talk about Locke targeted what we don't have time we'll be then next time I do want to mention one thing though I guess this is why it's important and people go out and vote for Beto O'Rourke for Senator do we need some more Democratic senators in the United States then we need we need good senators that does one of you know he really is and the most important thing no matter how you vote is to vote you know you look at minorities women the right to vote is relatively new and to just voluntarily give it away or is it makes no sense in guys like mr. award whose hearts and minds are really the right place it's very important there's a lot of Democrats Republicans either side that aren't necessarily they don't care about the injured they don't care about the consumer they don't necessarily care about the average person and that's how her work cares about people cares what happens to cares about families cares about crime and cares about immigration I mean but in the right way we eat 25 more just like we really do speaking of immigrants Ted Cruz is actually a Canadian and his I think his dad's we view them as moms from Canada he's no friend of immigrants United States he's not voted in any way that would be friendly for immigrants I don't know if the policies that he wants pushed through if his forefathers of his relatives would have ever made it into this country legally had the laws that he wants to pass have been laws with his grandparents try to come in this country they were nominated where he himself ate maybe went amazing maybe not he's a Canadian citizen they haven't l0 should pass that one version I'm sure he's got some good anyway all right so uh you know again get another vote in November let's get Ted Cruz out of office let's get the work in there and let's get here a whole game in there and anyway it's our times up let's share this show this cash with your friends that's it out there you and next week I will not be here I will be out of town so I will see you the following Friday after that so till next time so your by Daniel buddy