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FAQ Friday with Gregory Herrman, December 8, 2017| Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyers

Herrman answers whether or not you still need an attorney if your insurance company claims that they'll pay your medical bills and also announces a contest regarding the recent snowfall here in Corpus Christi, Texas. Also, don't forget to follow us on our other social media pages.
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buddy welcome again to frequently asked question Friday I'm just gonna do one question a day and then because I don't want to make an announcement so the question is is do I still need an attorney if the insurance company say an insurer company says it will pay my medical bills I think the general rule there is yes you just can't trust insurance companies they lie all the time they may say they're gonna pay your medical bills and then if it turns out you're more injured than you know either y'all thought thought you were gonna baby then they're gonna said well we didn't say we'd pay those kind of bills alternatively what they do all the time is they they get your medical bills and they go well that's that's unreasonable that's not a reasonable amount of money we're not going to pay you for that so perfect example is you go to the hospital when you have no control over what hospital is gonna charge you you get the bill you send then in terms go me and they go well that Hospital charges too much we're not gonna pay those kind of charges we're gonna pay X amount and they deal with that with us all the time and we have to fight them on that but that's what they're gonna do they're gonna claim it's not reasonable and they don't have to pay reasonable bills and they're gonna say well yeah you know we said we pay your bills but it was implied that that meant reasonable bills and so believe me whatever you bill you send them they're gonna decide it's it's not reasonable sometimes they'll get a doc to review the bills sometimes they'll get a nurse to review the bills or a chiropractor other times they don't get anybody to review them they just say hey we think this bills unreasonable and we've done this for a long time and you know we say stuff like well look out you know that's what hospitals charge and our client didn't have any control over what a hospital charge is and whether they think they need to do an MRI or catch them and it doesn't matter they just say well we just think that's unreasonable so that's basically what's gonna happen to you if you've ever tried to handle your own claim you know that's what's good you know that's happened before so you know yeah they're gonna say we'll pay you medical bills but good luck and then like I said what if it turns out you need some more expensive tests or you need one you need to see a specialist for some reason that's when they start going we don't think that's related we don't think that's you know that's where I got paid for that because because that's not related and of course these adjusters you know pretend like they're doctors and they decide whether something's medically related or not so you know again as I say all the time keep in mind the insurance companies or not your friends they will act like it they'll be very nice to you they're sorry you got hurt and they act like they're your best friend but their job it's not to be your friend their job is to save the insurance company money and so anyway basically my my advice is unless it's just something minor and you're fine after a few days if it's any more than that my advice is ninety-nine times seven hundred Jordan eight intern anyway now for the announcement anybody who lives here in the Corpus Christi area knows we had our first snowfall and I think since 2009 his first significant snowfall since 2004 so it was pretty nice snowed pretty much from like midnight to about eight o'clock this morning and really beautiful I took a few pictures so I hope most y'all did and I understand if you're in Houston y'all get some pretty good snowfall to you so what we're gonna do is have a little contest and ask anybody who took photos of the snowfall to post the photos on Facebook in the comment section and we are going to pick out a winner the best photos and we are going to give the winner two tickets to the harbor playhouse a christmas carol which is playing next Sunday at the 17th so post your photos and good luck and hope you