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FAQ Friday with Gregory Herrman & Eric Holguin, February 16, 2018

Herrman and Holguin talk about the school shooting that happened in Florida and what Holguin thinks the U.S. should do to manage gun control. If you liked this video, please like and subscribe to our channel.

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well Oh everybody again this is Greg Herman now it's frequently asked Friday and we have air called Dean here again you'll probably remember from what about a month ago yeah I think that he's running for the district seat that Blake Farenthold is departing from I I guess he's staying till what next January yeah I think he leaves January 3rd anyway sir you wanted to talk about this what's going on in Florida with the school shooting right yeah I mean it's it's it's so I I feel like I'm having deja vu every every week because it's it's you know we say it's so upsetting and so tragic it's so sad it's so this but just a matter is nothing is getting done about it and it's getting to the point where kids and children are like you're the adults you need to be the ones to take responsibility and do this that's your job we're just hard job it's just to be kids mm-hmm and be in school and grow and you know be the future the country yeah so I thought kid down there forwarded said that yeah yeah yeah and it's doesn't mean to the point to it's ridiculous to where I remember in past shootings online people would say oh it's too it's too soon thoughts and prayers thoughts and prayers is what you would always say this time around you don't even it's no one even tries to shut you down for trying to for trying to bring this up because well that's good that's an improvement at least at least I didn't notice because I think everyone knows whether you're a Democrat a Republican or independent everyone knows deep down in their heart that that something needs to be done that we can't just keep letting things happening people any things happen and so if you look at the gun that was used for this one is that ar-15 or was legally bought by the kid I think it was 19 19 years old you look at the guns from the Orlando from the Nashville or from the concert I'm sorry most one in Las Vegas born in Las Vegas everything everything is everything was ar-15 it was the same gun that has been used in all of them and so we have to look at what what are these gun why are we we're using these or what do we need military-grade weapons for and currently the house are trying to pass a silencer gun bills where civilians able to buy guns silencers which currently they're not able to because for obvious reasons so something has to be done we got Congress has to step up probably that needs to shut up and do something and that's that's where I'd is if there's no more being shamed of talking about this issue and saying something needs to be done that that that's no longer on the table yeah I noticed Trumpton even mentioned guns in his seven minute seven minutes speech and I don't know that Trump is capable of being shamed you know he the lie right to your face he'll tell you stuff that you know stuff he know happens stuff you've seen he said before on yeah yet on video and audio and he just says that I didn't say that you know that's not true yeah cause it's fake news so we'll probably had a luck with him you know it's hard to argue with when I got it won't even admit reality yeah what can we deal with Congress to maybe get Congress to get a get a spine and a backbone to do something well one of the things that we need to do is I think when you close the Charlestown loophole which basically is a sort of loophole in regards to background checks and what it does is if a background check on someone trying to buy a gun is a completed within three days the seller can legally sell that gun without having to have done a background check but without having to complete a background check on average there's over three hundred seventy thousand guns that are legally sold the United States at Bergan won't brick and mortar stores that are sold without having a background check being completed because for some reason the check wasn't done within three days and of those 370 thousand about three thousand are sold to people who should not have been able to get access to a gun so you're looking at all right you know three thousand is quite a few quite a lot of people that are not supposed to be illegally having guns so there's that there's you know we obviously have to stand up to the gun lobby NRA because they put out such misinformation campaigns and it's so sad that every time there's a gun that every time there's a massacre gun sales skyrocket because everyone thinks they're coming for your guns and you know I believe in the Second Amendment I believed every right to protect your home to protect your family but you don't need an ar-15 or ak-47 to do so and this nonsense that I keep hearing more so from the Republican side of oh well the government is going to come after us what does what we have what's it called jade helm as of a couple years a couple years ago where they thought Obama is gonna send in the National Guard to take over yeah yeah I mean people live in a fantasy world and it's sort of that mean stuff we need a snap out of that the problem though as I said there was the RA keeps funding the you know the pro-gun folks and if you talk at all about closing any loophole that won't would everybody get a gun and including crazy people the NRA just comes after you and they spend a fortune trying to you know tear you apart run you down and like you said they put out misinformation like like Trump doesn't like the Russians do Trulia so if you stand up to the gun lobby they're coming after you hey how does the you know anybody's runnin against one of these Pro pro-gun folks deal with that I think it definitely has to deal with how you're running your campaign the message that you're putting out what workers - what we're starting to see is if you Pro NRA if you're pro guns then you are supporting the massacre of these children like the it's literally the blood of these kids are on your hands because you are siding with an organization that promotes promotes a weapon as as opposed to siding with with young kids and that message needs to resonate with with the voters you have to tell you people look X Y Z over here he's backed by the NRA he's splendid by the NRA but he supports an organization that has allowed that has promoted numerous massacres to occur essentially by indirectly and it's starting to get to a point where it's it's now it's it's where it's where Pro lies like you know if you care about alive and I mean in 2012 we thought the massacre of 20 kids and Sandy Hook we thought that was going to be like that alright now it's time to do something but it wasn't and I could probably even say that the shooting the day before yesterday was the it was the final straw but it's probably not I mean a quarter so it's it depends on the candidate and having that backbone and be able to power through what they're gonna throw at you so I guess that's my portion so hey how do you get that word out Renee when Anna is gonna start spending you know money going hey Eric Olguin wants to come take your your rifle and whole game let's come take your handgun and you use for self-defense yeah and whole game wants to take all your guns away yeah how do you get get people to cuz they're gonna come back to your TV and radio newspaper social media yeah how do you how do you get around that I mean there's there's there's I wish I say this is how you do it but I think the matter is having a strong candidate that's messages a button resonate with voters because if you look at I mean I can't use an example but Hillary outspent Trump 2 to 1 in terms of on the campaign and his message resonate with people and so it's about having voters believe in your message and having voters know that you're sick and tired of seeing kids being killed and it's really driving in that emotional message to the voters and that's that's what it didn't mean you could spend all the money me personally they could spend wherever they want to attack me not go for it but but it really is connecting with people and letting them know that that we're sick of this and then how do you combat Twitter and even Google because Google you know ranks whatever Porter says is trending and Twitter's got like fake robots I noticed right after this the shooting that the Russian Russian bots were out there already he's been spending misinformation yeah they were you know using the right high hashtags but then you'd go read the story and they're spreading you know a bunch of devices and this like they did throughout the campaign so I mean you're literally fighting Twitter and he fighting this army a robot he said that the Russians created and you know Twitter keep saying well you know we're closing those accounts down as fast as we can close and close them down but that's really not happening I mean this is a perfect example yeah there's robots up right now yeah bread spread misinformation and divisive stuff immediately after the shooting yeah so you know I don't even know who to report this stuff to any minute they even try to get them I mean boy they're gonna police themselves obviously yeah hey how do you go about stopping this and take it on you mean you can't take on the whole Russian army I mean they supposedly amylin like I don't know there with a thousand you know propaganda people they just put out put out create these fake box and just put out this this fake minute [Music] [Music] anybody else who publishes all these fake stories yeah so hey how do we do that I think's the way I think we're gonna see a tide of I don't want to say blue tie I just want to say human tide because we're seeing more and more people be pushed to the left and more and more people put equals to the right and then I start seeing sort of these groups of people who say that all right you know yes I'm a Republican or yes I'm a Democrat but you know more southern Republican side yes I'm a Republican but I no longer identify what this party stands for and with my race I have been seeing a lot of that I've had there's this instance in Victoria where Victoria ISD trustee came to one of my round tables and she's but always voted Republican and she says I no longer stand for what the Republicans do or stand for and and in terms of Republican candidates for this race I don't I don't support them do you seem like you have statesmanship you seem like you know how to talk about the issues you seem like you know how to to work with people and so it's it's you know it's getting these Republican electeds out of office but it's also letting people know that this country if you're American and you're pro-american that we can't be putting politics or political parties over the people I think we're gonna see that across the country which means we already been seeing it left and right at Alabama Virginia Wisconsin Ohio a lot of state races and local races of deep red districts attorney and quote-unquote blue just because people are fed up with the political party um alright so I've got our suggestion you mentioned Unilever and they they've had to courage to stand up to Facebook and say listen if you don't quit but not to fake news we're going to quit advertising I know Unilever makes Lipton tea and they make soaps so I can actually just everybody ought to go googled you Unilever see what stuff they make and I would start buying their stuff versus the competitors and secondly maybe we could we could start a boycott of the companies that spend the most money with Facebook and Twitter if they're not putting pressure on Facebook and Twitter and Google on this spam everybody else I'm assuming we could Google you know who our Facebook's biggest advertisers you can find out and then maybe maybe we shall just stop boycotting those companies and start like a Facebook page or something or website and to hold these people accountable and say you know we don't trust our like to represent isn't anything about it so if you really want to bring about change why don't we pressure these companies down to into doing the right thing and not spending their ad dollars on people to promote fake stories and won't close out fake accounts yeah yeah I mean it really does take sort of concerted efforts to to apply pressure even if getting Democratic congressional members or elected officials rather to to apply that pressure at the legislative level and if there's Republicans that completely understand which I know there are that know that our country's democracy is slowly being eroded to have bipartisan legislation to to sort of camperdown on what's going on with all this yeah trust Congress right now to pass legislation yeah I think I think I think personally the better ways people boycott boycott the companies that advertise on Facebook yeah heavy things till they say they're gonna do it we can Unilever goes yeah that's my thought yeah I think once you get in there or any other Democrats can there they'll do the right thing but yeah I'm not sure you're gonna get in there with taking on the whole Russian honor yeah I mean if it's different if you take you know leavers competitor which they probably own hundreds of products in a TV right now so it would be very difficult to say all right here's a list of the 2000 products that you're not supposed to buy all right people to go to the grocery store to so it that's you know that's what happens whenever you have companies by large or more companies well I I just tell everybody you know maybe Google Google you know leavers products and then when you have to store there's any other products and there's a competing product yeah don't buy the competing product by by Unilever and help spread the word or by local by you know go to your local markets buy local products run small businesses although I don't have any local people my true I'm sure I'm sure someone will doubt it yeah but yes yeah all right well any other ideas on how to slay the bad guys yeah I mean it's look at last night's League of Women Voters for a mono theatre chance check it out we it was all Democrats or Republicans and we had a Republican candidate that sort of just kind of went off about Trump it's my president your President and Democrats resistance is a shame to the country in yada-yada-yada and I was sitting right next to him and then right after he finished I made it very clear that he was wrong because some of these I guess American nationalists is what we'll call them they they sort of feel like there was only one definition to patriotism and I let him know very firmly on that other people know the audience know that patriotism isn't defined by one person or by one definition is I'm a patriot here patriot people that are watching the Patriots and so it's it's unfortunate to see that message continuously be spread out there and I told him was you know was shame on him for saying that it's treason if he did not want to stand for the president here in the State of the Union it's you know it's my right as an American and my family members that are in law enforcement or and even that are veterans you know they fought for that right and so we have to constantly pushing back again message though we can't be sitting on the sidelines I'm not even I didn't want to say Democrats and not Democrats anybody who for democracy we can't be seen on the signs anymore we can't be letting these people get away with saying a lot of this stuff that they spew a lot of this hateful rhetoric because it was kind of awkward in the room when everybody said that and then I spoke out and he was just flushed out very quickly and so we don't stand up it's we can't be scared of bullies if bullies out there and I'm not gonna put up with them did anybody ask that Republican if it wasn't treasonous for Trump to refuse to enforce the sanctions in this Russia no I mean that was was a limited questions forum but but but there's but there's no reason there's no reasoning in that person's head yeah that don't make sense first thing I think that's treason when the Congress United States overwhelmingly says these are the sanctions we're gonna pass against Russia to punish them for in front of their elections and the president is the beneficiary of the state of fairness refuses to enforce the thing just won't do down that's his job and that is time we need the top top top law enforcement guy in the country and he's sworn to defend the United States that are in chief yeah so so when he refuses to do his job is that not treasonous yeah I mean it's I'm sure there's a legal technicality in regards to treason against the country but but in theory he's not upholding the best interest of America I think that'd be a good question if y'all have no noise forums where those Republicans show up is ask them why that's not treason yeah before Trump to refuse to enforce the sanctions yeah Congress only two people in the whole Congress voted against it never ever got an overwhelming majority yeah said punish Russia and Trump's just in season all right well I think we're past that okay if anybody wants to get a hold of you or don't make your campaign or anything I will do about doing websites Eric for us calm i'm on twitter facebook instagram but pretty easy Eric for us calm my email everything's on there all right well thank you thanks for coming back in and thank everybody here for 10 min today I know we got a little bit political but sometimes you just kind of get fed up you know and you just you can't take take all the crap anymore so yeah all right well until next Friday thanks for tuning in and we'll see you next Friday