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FAQ Friday with Gregory Herrman & Eric Holguin. March 16, 2018

Herrman and Holguin talk about early voting, Holguin explains whether or not you can vote on the runoff election if you didn't vote in the primary election, and lists the early voting dates. If you liked this video, please like and subscribe to our channel.

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early voting maybe 27 its primary day and the only two races on the ballot are going to be the governor's race the only two races here in your way to the county pretty much the rest of the 27th district this can be the governor's race and our race in other counties there might be a few local races run offs but in Nueces it's just going to be us and the governor's race all right and the Republicans are having enough the Republicans are in a runoff that's well runoff as well too in there for the 27th district oh yeah but they don't have a governor race to deal with it's just the 27th I believe on there yeah stick with Greg Abbott yeah I don't know if they got but now a question that comes up is what if you didn't vote in the primary can you still come vote in the in the Ralph yeah as long if you don't have boat an either party you've been hoped for any ticket on the run off if he voted and for example in the Democratic primary you have to vote in the Democratic runoff you can't jump over there and the other two screw it so yeah yeah Republican yeah yeah yeah you know but but in the general you could votes how every ever way you want because in the general there's no you don't they don't give you a democrat or republican value it's just you make your choices then you could jump around as much as you like argh oh and do we know where the voting places are gonna be on for early voting and for um for the that may may 22nd runoff I think there are solidifying them pretty soon but it's pretty much gonna be a lot of the same places that hearing a deaf Center the courthouse some like fire station 7 Veterans High School on the south side Greenwood Senior Center I believe so the list be coming out soon but it's not it doesn't look like it okay and yeah no luck it'll just go to a courthouse because it's local and it's in the mellah town and see should get to you and that's usually where I go and yeah actually plenty of good parking stuff yeah but the courthouse is only open during early voting is not open on Election Day because it's not it's not in a precinct it's not like my residential precinct I know repeat that again it's only the courthouse is only open for voting on Election Day Oh an election okay me nah I'm sorry not on what today early will early vote that is close it is not open on Election Day yeah so if you're going to go vote at the courthouse make 14 through May 18th of the dates that will be there on Election Day it will not be open for voting in we would certainly recommend early voting as opposed to the Election Day not because it's gonna be that busy this year probably Election Day yeah just cuz you know something they come up and you may get busy made a flat tire or whatever so yeah so may 14th through 18th and usually they'll usually go like what some a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 7:00 to 7:00 and yeah it's there's there's no lines and one of the things I was sort of thought was funny was this this Pasco rapid early voting there was more people in line for the new Celina bag at HMV then to vote and then to vote and that's because voting doesn't cost any money yeah and for spending their $2.99 or 444 Celina bags but it's not but not coming to vote so I just I hopefully get people to read it to to show up to vote because that's more important than a Celina bag but I guess I guess it's promoting getting rid of plastic bags as long as they're gonna use those bags for yeah it'll use right that is the right and I guess you're promoting fish day Lafleur which is coming up here where my hammers response for that so yeah that's yeah that come up here in April so yeah there's a huge that's what's good - um so kind of just off-topic not way off topic but what do you think it's gonna take to get the people interested in this selection I mean some people just don't seem to care about what yeah yeah I know a lot of Democrats are fired up and we'll talk about the other elections in a minute like the Pennsylvania races like pencil when you want stuff but yeah so Democrats see me firing out at least other states will I guess we'll find out here yeah but then there's a people other people that just don't seem to pay attention at all yeah what's again thinking to get those people - yeah kind of just oh wait a minute yeah we're losing our democracy here yeah I need to do something I think you know in the primary like inside don't mean that's they'll run off I don't expect there would be too much excitement cuz it's we're so trying to figure out but in the general I think that's we get closer to November we're definitely good so you just nationally a lot of press coverage a lot of excitement as to as to these races especially if you have two very strong candidates and in this race me being one of them hopefully you know that's it's people get excited about that and I've seen my own people are excited to see new energy they're excited to see someone younger step up especially if we saw with all the student protests happening this week but for the against the gun p.m. for the footik gun reform so people have been asking where the were the young before the young people it's like oh well they're here so you know just yeah are they're gonna vote and that's and that's the thing I think I think they'll show up to vote in November it's just the primaries are not so they're not that's what I call politically sexy to get involved with but it's relaying those issues letting people know that these are the issues that are important these were this is what's happening people are becoming much more in tune to what's going on now I know Roy want a pretty big percentage of the vote she did tell us why people should vote for you over Roy from May 14th to 18th and and or on or on May 22nd what why should they vote for you over Lord so if you look at the Republican candidates it's other than micro cloud of effort those are the talk to you that are in the runoff you need someone who's actually able to debate them who's actually able to go against them and I'm that candidate I yet to see mr. Panetta accept any invitations to debate me and so you know you need you can't have a candidate that's right that's that's hiding and that's we're seeing and you know the future the party is sort of the Millennials were the people that are stepping up and ready to fight and I have the experience in government I have what it takes at the knowledge I have to know how I have the backbone to be able to do this and so you know and ultimately it's like what's best for the party and and for the people but also November you did on the Democrat side it's important that people see who's going to - our candidate - to win in November and I and I firmly firmly believe that I'm I'm much much more stronger candidate than mr. by that uh in November and you know if he runs like I said he ran in 2016 unsuccessfully and it's unfortunate that you know he has that name recognition even has a very common Hispanic surname my last names were Spanish Hispanic also but it's not very well known to be Latino so there's a lot of that factors going into that that vote count that that people don't realize so and in fact we tried to invite Roy on this show and he won't even respond to us so we can't even interview yeah so I understand he kind of doesn't really announce his positions on them on most issues yeah I mean it's he's you know I'm I'm the only candidate that has an actual full policy platform he has to be to say work for veterans yes we could say we're four you know give very general broad statements of support but I mean we've been seen on the Republican side that the candidates don't have don't want to let people know where they stand a lot of issues they don't let one don't want to let people know their ideas and I let people notes that way I could be held accountable as to where I am on these issues it's on my website it's up there it's there's no there's no hiding permit so so yeah so you know it's it's unfortunate that there's there hasn't been a whole lot of transparency from some of the other candidates as to where they stand on the issues and I haven't seen that with my Democratic opponent he's it's it's sort of you know it's unfortunate that he's hiding so you feel like if if he goes up against a Republican in the fall that he's probably more likely to lose that race and then you would be yeah I mean it'sit's it'll be it's already a up to a climb as it is you know due to the lines but we see in wolf might as well didn't talk about that other races in wide I see the glimmer of hope but you need to see a strong you need a strong candidate for that and I firmly believe that mr. Pyatt is not a strong candidate to to be able to face the Republicans it's it's it's the truth and that's that's where it is you did eh I'm going to do it okay well let's let's get into that then we we did a preview show about how gerrymandered the district is and so we're not going to go through that again but it's it's skewed a heavily to for a Republican to win I mean the lines were obviously drawn so Republican can win win that the 27th district yeah and the courts have ruled that way but it's still a district so so how would you compare this to say what happened in Pennsylvania with Connor Lam and in that race look there yeah so I think what we're seeing with electorate / voters is that they whether the Republican or supports or down the middle or to the to the left they're starting to be a big fraction between or two different factions rather between in the Republican Party we have the far-left Tea Party Blake Baron thought for right Barney bar right yes yes sorry far-right Tea Party Blake bear involved crowd and then we have Republicans that you know that sort of don't have common sense that are like alright you know we understand that there that we need to work together and I think that's what we saw in in Pennsylvania one of the other candidates one he kind of ran a sloppy campaign the two had trump come in and try and you know get them getting out there and that's what that's what this race is this right is I mean the two Republican candidates the two very different Republicans they're one that grew nits GOP establishment that has the GOP money that's you know it's it's it is what it is and then cloud is a little bit more I believe to the right and so it's matter of looking at some of the voters and saying it's a matter of the voters conscious rather and say seeing worth where they want to go do they want to have another round of fair involved again to the next cycle or number of cycles until we see what happens with those lines or do they want to take a chance on another candidate who might not be in the party that they've always voted in but who they know will work with them and listen to them and you know take their their issues into consideration which is what I which is what I offer well and I've seen that throughout my primary race a lot of Republicans have reached out I mean even though Republican elected officials throughout the county have reached out and they just saved oh you seem like you know how to work with people and you know you're not playing left or right I'm like yeah I mean I just it's for me it's doing this race is about working together and I think that's what people want and as long as that I mean I'm gonna keep pushing that message - well maybe cloud will win in and then Trump will come campaign and they'll make sure all the Democrats come on book maybe and some Republicans oh yeah well yeah I mean there's and I always say it's in the past three cycles sparrin thought didn't win by huge ginormous margins he won by eleven twelve percent on average or maybe even ten percent on average so going to this race it's going to be Republican of sixty percent Democrat forty percent where the Democratic nominee is is just needs to get eleven percent or even 50% plus one vote to win so it's not a matter of people see the gerrymander lines and they think oh we have to win over all of the Republicans we don't have to win all the Republicans there's a good margin of Republicans that swing back and forth you know so it's a matter of going to them and I'm able to attract those votes I have people have people from the Green Party that are that reached out libertarians independents obviously Democrats and me know Republicans as well because a lot of my issues align with issues that they ruin so and it's we're not gonna have a candidate that you 100% agree with well and that's the truth of the matter so and are they gonna run a Green Party candidate or libertarian can do I think I heard there's going to there might possibly be a libertarian candidate on the ballot I don't know if it's 1% official but I think there is someone being pushed for military campaign so those presumably could peel off a few oats yeah I noticed in that Connor I am race they had a great I think that a Green Party and am a libertarian candidate and you know I guess you can debate on who they pulled away from presumably they look the Green Party pulled away from Connor and the I libertarian you know not sure but you know that's kind of dangerous yeah kind of Congo time with Al Gore in 2000 yeah and we're off made around and early 2016 yeah Jill Stein yeah yeah I mean it's you know I everyone has the right to run it's just you know it's it's always interesting people's intentions yeah I think it's important for her to remember though that you know every vote really pretty desk yeah and you know this the Pennsylvania races I'm saying it's not completely over too Ciccone is saying wait a minute there's still some overseas military ballots you know or mail ends that hadn't arrived and you know nobility seems to think there's enough to way to sway the race but you never know because his margin of victory was only like what five hundred votes or something 27 627 so you know people think oh I'm gonna cast it didn't matter someone cast my vote for this other party thinking that's dead matter rule it does matters yeah every vote matters yeah there's been races across the country especially in the past year where literally someone won by one vote yeah that's right that's right so winnings winning whether it's won by one foot or a mile you know I just you know anyway that's pretty good proof that every vote matters yeah we need everybody out there vote and you know voting in a way that will help win and restore democracy yeah let's see if we can't kick Putin out of a country how to run the country I know speaking of that I saw Don Donald Trump Jr's wife's divorcing him yeah I thought that and I did I read somewhere that she's already hard at the criminal defense lawyer I advise but it looks like she's getting ready to run and run as far away as you can yeah well I mean she hires a criminal defense lawyer I would think maybe she's ready to cut a deal with Mulder or something yeah but it's hard to tell what's going on in in Moeller world well it's you know people always think that all the facts and what he knows is what we know when we absolutely have no idea what he's working on well mr. mansion between now and them now in November elections so yeah um all right well I know we've gone longer than our usual time anything else you want to say you're at or yeah no I'm just you know may 22nd if everyone gets that in the calendar is prime as a runoff date it's important to show up to vote and then May 14th to May 18th as the election is the early voting but if you're voting on the Democratic ticket I hope to have your support ok have your vote you need a strong candidate for November and I'm that strong candidate and I know the issues I know how to talk about the issues so I hope to have your confidence in my campaign all right well and I'm officially endorsing Eric Olguin at this time so I'm so starving Herbert so thank you I would encourage everybody don't like to May 22nd because I guess Athen and you know you may get flat tire or something or something emergency so try to go vote May 14 to 18 so you get it out of the way and then you got from basically 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. so anyway until next next week I won't be here so there won't be a frequently asked question next next Friday but we'll see you the Friday after that