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FAQ Friday with Gregory Herrman, September 8, 2017

Gregory Herrman answers your questions live on Facebook and Instagram.

Why choose Herrman and Herrman? #Law #Attorney #PersonalInjury


all right hello everybody it is about 2:30 today we're getting a little bit late started today we're gonna keep this kind of an abbreviated version just because of all the hurricane problems and having issues I know know we've had something here I hope everybody out there is OK from the hurricane I know there's probably still some people without electricity some people not living at home yet should because it lost their homes we got it we haven't had a few people that work here that lost their owners so we are certainly understand you know things are tough right now to get back on your feet and hopefully hopefully things we're gonna get better so anyway we're gonna keep this an abbreviated version of our normal frequently asked questions and next week up we're supposed to be in Nashville Tennessee in a seminar so we may not be having the FAQ Friday on next Friday unless hurricane Irma goes to Nashville which it looks like it might and then that that seminar may get cancer or flights made to campus so I guess just stay tuned for weather we're going to be live next week or not so anyway as far as today goes we had a question that I thought was pretty timely and was basically why should I choose Herman Herman to handle my case and I think that question is pretty obvious if you see our essence and our mission statement basically our mission is to provide the best quality customer service that there is in the legal industry and I think we do our best to to do that if you go online look at our reviews we've got 351 Google reviews as of today and we've got a 4.9 rating out of five of course we can't please everybody and in our McAllen office we have 59 Google reviews that we've got 5.0 writing down there we've got a 5.0 rating on Yelp and in Corpus Christi and a 5.0 rating in McAllen onion so we do our best to provide the best quality customer service we can in fact our mission statement or I mean our motto is always putting you first so I think we do a pretty good job of providing the best customer service that we can but in addition to that we've got as a Monday we're gonna have a new lawyer which will give us 13 lawyers and we certainly our attorneys have the experience and the [Music] anyway we certain have the experience certainly have the experience I think if you add up the the years we've been practicing all this together you know you're looking at over 150 years of experience we've had just about every kind of case there is we also have the resources to take on the biggest companies after the biggest insurance companies and we've been doing that for I guess close to 30 years now so you know we we've got the experience we've got the attorneys we've got the resources we've got the integrity and obviously if you look at our what other people say about us through Google and Yelp and other other online resources people certainly seem to think that we give them great customer service so why should you hire herrmann herrmann that's why thanks for buddy and for tuning in and we will see you maybe next week if we can get away maybe maybe we'll do some quick from Nashville if we're there otherwise we'll see the week after that thank you