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FAQ with Greg Herrman 5-25-18| Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyers

Herrman talks about the 27th Congressional District election and our scholarship. If you liked this video, please like and subscribe to our channel.

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all right hello everybody welcome again to a frequently asked question Friday unfortunately because of the holiday weekend here we're having a hard time getting to guests so we're just going to do a short one today I want to have two topics the election and the scholarship scholarship so let me get to the election real quick if you live in Corpus Christi or the surrounding area you probably know about district 27 22 27 district which runs all the way up to Victoria and even up to Bastrop but I costed anyway so when Blake Farenthold resigned from office it left the vacancy and Governor Abbott said we're going to have a special election to fill that that seat from the time of that election until January but in the meantime we had another election which was the runoffs from the primaries and so in the democratic runoff there was Roy Barrera and Eric Holguin and Eric Hogan won so he will be the Democratic nominee that will run in November for the 27th district the Republican winner was Michael cloud he's a Republican from Victoria and so it'll be eric ol gain against michael cloud in november to fill the 27th district and in the governor's race loopy valdez one and so she will face off against Greg Abbott in that runoff in November anyway so as I mentioned before when Blake Ferran thal resigned that left nobody we have nobody here representing us right now Congress so governor Abbott requested a special election and that will be on June 30th of this year which is a Saturday and the those the early voting for that starts Wednesday June 13th and goes through Tuesday June 26 and that's for the special election that person will serve from just July August September October against November December and then January you know the middle of January when the winner of the primary Ralph in the general takes over that person will be out so it's really they're only there for like six months six and a half months now you can anybody can vote in this June 30th election Eric's run it again so Roy Barrera shows a former judge here Jeff Westergren I saw there's a doctor running some ads I know he's running Michael clouds run and the guy he beat beach groom is running and I think there's three or four other people running so that said that unexpired term and anybody so anybody can run in that so we could have different people you know somebody different good one on the Democratic side something different than one on the Republican side I don't think that's very likely but it could happen so anyway hopefully everybody can get out and vote in that election also as most of you all know this from has endorsed Eric Olguin before and will endorse him in the special election also and endorsed him in the fall for governor's race will be loopy Valdes versus Greg Abbott it's most of y'all know Greg Abbott has been probably the worst governor in Texas history when it comes to consumers and when it comes to injured people's rights he and the Texas Legislature have just I'd say check their way at the consumer's rights and intricate rights but it's more like they've taken a sledgehammer to consumers right super consumer protection and they've taken a sledgehammer to injured people's rights they only governor in Texas officially that could possibly be worse maybe Rick Perry he was pretty horrible but you know you care about injured people and if you're a consumer of any type you probably don't want Greg Abbott to be your governor so you know in November hopefully you know we can vote all these calendars out of office and take take the country back from the big corporations and the you know Putin and the Russian oligarchy and we can get America back for for people for democracy and for human beings so anyway let's move on real quick to the scholarship as most y'all know we've been running a scholarship for the past in three years four years the first prize is $2,500 the second prize is $1,500 and the third prize is $3,000 and the scholarships open to any student in the United States obviously we hope some local students win or extra students anyway but when we run run the scholarship way of people in here from California in New York you know any worse so we'd like to get as many submissions as we can you just go to the Herman Herman com scholarship page and the all you do is write in SAT and the essay is about the technological advancement in motor vehicles and we all know the changes they've made to make cars safer but they've also made a lot of changes in vehicles and make just create more distractions and so the the you know the worst thing we can have is tractor drivers out there because that's what causes a lot of injuries a lot of deaths so the SI is what can we do to make these vehicles safer so that all the new technological changes don't make it you know don't make don't make it such a distraction you know you don't want people check-in the Facebook page in in the vehicle so you know we're in sir what can be done to keep people safer so if you got any ideas write an essay submit it and hopefully you'll be a winner if you if you're not not a student but you know somebody who is and I think probably everybody knows some some students somewhere you know pass it on help them help them in or tell them about it because anybody can win so we look forward to everybody entering and we will pick a winner in December so good luck and I just want to say happy Memorial Day to everybody we're gonna end a little bit early today so those of you going out of town can get on the road just remember don't drink and drive and don't text and drive so until next Friday be safe and we'll see you next time