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If Insurance Companies Were Honest

Insurance companies aren't always straightforward.

We are.

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Insurance Actor: Is Your Insurance Company Straight Forward?

Insurance Actor: Hi, I'm some young clean-cut guy named Brian. If calling an insurance company seems frightful to you, I'm here to ease your worry.

Insurance Actor: Have you been injured looking to cover up the cost with some insurance? Why not pick up the phone and enter a labyrinth of automated voices?

Insurance Actor: What are your chances are you don't know your party's extension? We've come up with some fancy names and add campaigns with things like talking animals with foreign accents.

Insurance Actor: We've spent billions of dollars over the last few decades employing droves of artistic people who've tried to give the false impression that we're happy and excited to hear from you.

Insurance Actor: Don't worry, we'll do everything in our power to minimize the alleged damages of your claim, and we'll make it seem like getting more out of us is harder than climbing Mount Everest in a speedo!

Insurance Actor: But this isn't about that, this is about my chipper attitude designed to placate your frustration with only getting a little bit of the money back that you've given to us every month.

Insurance Actor: Look, you're stuck buying insurance and we want you to make that mandatory investment with us because let's face it our advertisements are better than the other guys which is not usually the truth when it comes to getting your claim started with insurance companies.

Insurance Actor: Herrman & Herrman can help with the difficult process dealing with your insurance company right after you have been injured. Lets us do the do dirty work and call us today for a free consultation about how to handle your insurance company.