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Selene Muñoz’s #SelenaInspiresVideo

Selena inspires me to transform my dreams into reality. Selena’s smile, makes me smile. I am Selene and I was born in Mexico City and immigrated with my parents to NYC in 1989. I grew up listening to Selena’s music and although I did not have the opportunity to see her perform live, her recordings and music videos transmit inspire me and move my soul. The first CD I was gifted, was the Dreaming of You album. I learned the song “Dreaming of You” and then auditioned with that song for a Gifted & Talented middle-school program and I got it and the rest was history. I am a mariachi singer and not only do I love music, but I am really fond of my heritage and culture. I too, hope to inspire the world and my family. P.S. Please vote for me!!!!

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hi everyone my name is Celine I am a New York City gal that this year is going to Corpus Christi Texas to the theater that of Lord Festival and I want to share with you most important thing about Selena that has inspired me and motivated me to continue in perfecting my craft is her showing the world that dreams can be accomplished that if you put your mind your heart in it you can accomplish everything that you want to this day I listened to Selena music and as soon as by elastic cumbia or biddy biddy bom-bom comes on you just want to shake and move your booty dancing and singing along to the salinas ons kan that they can't assy assy bitty bitty bum bum bitty bitty bum bal please vote for me just click on the link special thanks to Herman Herman law firm