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Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In Texas

10 Most Dangerous Roads in Texas

1. The most dangerous road in Texas is Interstate 45, which stretches 290 miles and connects Galveston, Houston, and Dallas.
I-45 averaged 56.5 fatal accidents per 100 miles over eight years, according to the Accident Data Center. Harris County (Houston) alone saw 115 traffic fatalities on I-45 in eight years, more than 14 each year on average.
A MoneyGeek analysis of more than 10,000 fatal crashes in Texas from 2017 to 2019 put two segments of I-45 in Houston on its 10 deadliest roads in Texas:
I-45 between Airtex Drive and Metro TX 249 station (North Freeway) in Houston
I-45 between Spur 5 and W. Cavalcade Street in Houston

2. Interstate 35, which stretches 400 miles across Texas from Laredo through San Antonio, Austin and to the border north of Fort Worth, was the site of 290 traffic fatalities during a five-year period.
Two segments of I-35 show up as especially dangerous:
I-35 East between the I-30 Interchange and Exit 434 in Dallas (Stemmons Freeway), with 20 fatal accidents, 2017-2019
I-35 between Exit 244 and the Interchange at Route 290 in Austin, with 14 fatal accidents, 2017-2019
Four Interstate 35 intersections are among the most dangerous intersections in San Antonio:
I-35 and U.S. 281
I-35 and Northeast Loop 410
I-35 and North Loop 1604 East
I-35 and McCullough Avenue

3. U.S. 83, which extends through McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley and had 135 traffic fatalities during the last five years

4. Texas Highway 130 between San Antonio and Austin, which has a speed limit of 85 miles per hour

5. TX 67 between Camp Wilson Road and Illinois Avenue (Marvin D. Love Freeway) in Dallas, with 15 fatal accidents, 2017-2019

6. TX 249 between Antoine Drive and W. Greens Road (Tomball Parkway) in Houston, with 14 fatal accidents, 2017-2019

7. Texas 12 Loop between S. Lancaster Road and Longacre Lane in Dallas, with 12 fatal accidents, 2017-2019

8. Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway between Jupiter Road and the I-30 interchange in Mesquite and Garland, with 12 fatal accidents, 2017-2019

9. TX 183 between N. Beltline Road and N. Industrial Boulevard in Fort Worth and Euless, with 12 fatal accidents, 2017-2019

10. I-20 between I-820 interchange and the I-35 W Interchange in Fort Worth, Forest Hill, and Kennedale, with 12 fatal accidents, 2017-2019

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