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Zografia Mastrovasilis’s #SelenaInspiresVideo

For the last 17 years, I have been obsessed with Selena. I would consider myself to be Selena's number one fan. At age 3 my mom introduced me to the movie starring Jennifer Lopez. I forced my family to watch Selena over and over again as I would sing and dance Spanish music in the living room using household equipment as my microphone.

Throughout my life, Selena has inspired me in so many ways. Growing up a Greek woman in a small community called Tarpon Springs where women are usually married at a young age and have kids always having to rely on their husbands, I knew I wanted a different dream for myself.

Selena was able to help me follow my dreams. She showed me that women can do anything a man can do. Throughout my life, Selena allowed me to pass many obstacles by realizing the hardest part was letting go.

Remembering this phrase has allowed me to live life overcoming many obstacles and living life to the fullest. I thank Selena for showing women the importance of education. Because of her, I followed my dreams and am currently studying Criminal Justice at Florida Atlantic University with the intent of becoming a Lawyer.

Selena's hard work and dedication that showed me a woman can do a man's job. So for all of my family, friends, and individuals who ask why do I love Selena so much now you know it's because even 20 years after her tragic death she continues through her legacy to inspire young women like myself to want to be the best we can be.

My biggest dream has been to visit Texas and see the Legacy of Selena through her museum.

But knowing she is having a memorial concert is an even bigger dream come true. Please vote for me to have the opportunity to participate in such a remarkable event.

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Zografia Mastrovasilis: Powerful Women like Salena Inspired me to become a Lawyer.

Zografia Mastrovasilis: Hi, my name is Zografia Mastrovasilis. I was just accepted as a law student in Florida. From a very young age, I have looked up to powerful women to hope one day become one myself.

Zografia Mastrovasilis: Currently, I'm 20 years old and for the last 17 years, my idol has been Selena, the famous singer.

Zografia Mastrovasilis: Selena has been my idol because she inspires me in very many ways, but specifically as a young Hispanic woman who had big dreams, and I knew instantly, I wanted to be like her.

Zografia Mastrovasilis: Selena shows me that the impossible is genuinely possible and that a woman can do anything a man can and be as successful.

Zografia Mastrovasilis: Because of her, I have continued fighting for my dream of becoming a lawyer I have been accepted into Florida Atlantic University where I'm currently studying law and enjoy every minute of my experiences.

Zografia Mastrovasilis: I continue to strive towards my dreams every single day so thank you, Selena, for making me the woman I am.

Zografia Mastrovasilis: Please vote for me for the opportunity to be with olive Salinas family and friends and fans in Corpus Christi, Texas...thank you.