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3 Simple Ways to Handle Aggressive Drivers

With the many highways in Texas, it is likely that you have come across aggressive drivers. Road rage can come in many forms, such as an offensive gesture or a horn honking, but sometimes it can end in a physical altercation outside of the vehicle. Dealing with an aggressive driver can be frustrating and challenging, especially to new drivers. If you come across someone experiencing road rage, it is important to remain calm and not escalate the situation. Here are three tips to keep in mind if you encounter an aggressive driver:

1. Do Not Honk the Horn

If someone has cut you off, your first instinct might be to honk the horn. While this can be effective when trying to prevent an accident, it will only further agitate an angry driver and may give him a reason to make you the target of his anger. Keep calm, and remember to only honk the horn when it is necessary.

2. Concentrate on the Road

An action or gesture from an angry driver can easily break your concentration, and cause you to have an accident, especially during rush hour. The aggressor may even try to get close to your vehicle to get you to make eye contact with him and intimidate you. Keep your eyes on the road and focus on your task at hand, not on the other driver.

3. Do Not Tailgate

It is important to keep a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you, especially during a road rage encounter. If you get cut off, do not tailgate the driver, as they will see this as a form of retaliation. This could anger them, and they may slam on their brakes causing an accident.

Here is a copy of the 2017 Texas Driver Handbook that gives examples of common driving situations and provides general safety tips you should know.

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