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Avoiding Cold Weather Motorcycle Issues

Freezing temperatures slowly decrease battery voltage over time, leading to a difficult time trying to start the motorcycle. Extended freezes also make the oil in a motorcycle’s engine thicken up, meaning the engine needs more battery power to start. These issues explain why starting your motorcycle may be more difficult in cold weather.

Fortunately, we got you covered! First, use a multimeter and ensure the battery has at least 12.2 volts. If the battery is too low, you must let it charge for a few hours so the bike may start.

Next, heat the engine. Place a portable heater near the engine so that the oil inside the engine can warm. When placing the portable heater, ensure it is not touching anything or too close to a flammable item. Oil in cold temperatures thickens and requires more energy from the battery to start. Heating the oil means the engine requires less battery power to start since the oil is more fluid.

If the motorcycle is still not starting, make sure the choke is on. You may have turned off the choke to prevent gas leaks and forgot to turn it back on before trying to start the motorcycle.


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