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“COLORES DE LA VIDA” Mural by Corpus Christi Artist Mayra Zamora



Corpus Christi Artist Mayra Zamora was commissioned by Herrman and Herrman PLLC to design our building with a mural in April 2020. The mural was finished May 2020 and is titled “VIVA CCTX.” VIVA CCTX is a rainbow-like mural with many black and white hidden messages for viewers to decipher over time. There are heavy influences from Pre-Columbian and Modern art in her mural. The mural also features symbols local to the Corpus Christi area, like the Texas A&M Corpus Christi University logos, Del Mar College logos (both are schools she went to), and city, state, and national flags.

In April 2021, we commissioned Mayra Zamora a second time to continue “VIVA CCTX.” Mayra Zamora finished the second edition of the mural in June of 2021. This mural is in the same Mexican-American iridescent style with coded black and white messaging as the first edition. The most significant difference is the symbols initially only dedicated to the community are now highlighting symbols synonymous with law and the local community.

In July 2021, our law firm commissioned Mayra once more to create a third mural as part of our building. This mural is painted onto our law firm’s window shutters and resembles the design of an authentic Mexican blanket known as a “serape.” This third mural is again in the same stunning polychromatic design rooted in culture local to our community and Zamora’s heritage.

Together, the three murals are titled “COLORES DE LA VIDA,” meaning Colors of life in English. Colores De La Vida is the first LGBTQ+ mural in Corpus Christi. Mayra Zamora and her team worked on these murals for over a year and are a sensation to see, worth taking a focused, in-depth look to appreciate the beauty and decipher the hidden messages in her work.

Mayra Zamora had help painting her three murals to cover the entire building. Eugene Soliz, Jose Gonzalez IV, Eva McLain, Natalia Hinojasa, Heaven Garrison, and Jocelyn Castillo were her assistants.


Mayra Zamora is an award-winning artist, muralist, and educator. She was born in Austin, Tx. She moved to Corpus Christi to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Art and Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Texas A&M Corpus Christi.


Zamora is an artist who works as an Education Specialist for the Early Childhood Development Center and an Art Instructor for K Space Contemporary. Zamora’s art has been featured in exhibitions across the United States in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, and many other cities. Zamora has created murals for Stripes Convenience Stores, the Art Center of Corpus Christi, K Space Contemporary, and many others. Mayra Zamora was recently awarded the Young Alumnus Award from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Best Local Painter for The Bend Magazine’s Local List in 2020. She was also a finalist for the “Best In Biz” Dora Cervera Mirabel Women’s Leadership Award, Best Box Art Winner from CC Bliss Box, and CC 40 under 40 by Young Business Professionals in 2018. The Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas awarded Mayra Zamora the Arts and Humanities Estrella Award in 2017.


Mayra has dedicated much of her work to the fundamentals of art and her Mexican heritage. You can see this influence through her use of lines, shapes, color, and the impressive incorporation of Mexican-American iconography, inspired by Pre-Columbian and Modern Art. Her artwork is often a kaleidoscope of colors with a black and touch, encoding many hidden messages for viewers to decipher with time.

Mayra Zamora can be found online @MiraMayraArt on Instagram or contacted at miramayraart@yahoo.com. Find more of her work at www.miramayraart.com.



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