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No Deterrence Yet For Distracted Teen Drivers

Over the past several years, federal legislators, state legislators, educators, and safety advocates have launched numerous campaigns designed to teach teens about the hazards associated with distracted driving. Despite these substantial efforts, the rate of distracted driving accidents among teens continues to rise and a recent survey confirms that nearly half of teen drivers admit to texting behind the wheel frequently.

It is unclear what more needs to be done to deter teen drivers from engaging in distracted driving behaviors. Recent studies confirm that parental influence is the most critical factor in play at any given time. Nevertheless, even teens belonging to the most conscientious of parents may choose to drive while distracted.

Reigning in this behavior is particularly critical for three related reasons. First, teens are more likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents during the first years of their driving experience than at any other point in their lives. Second, distracted driving now contributes to more motor vehicle accidents than any other cause. And finally, the number one killer of teens is motor vehicle accident-related injury. When teens drive distracted, they simply feed these statistics.

Concerned parents should act with authority on this issue. Consider drafting a parent-teen driving agreement and outline what a teen’s consequences will be if he or she drives while distracted. In addition, consider installing an app on your teen’s phone that will disable its capacity to send or receive texts while your teen is behind the wheel. It may not be easy to restrict your teen’s phone access, but it may save his or her life.

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