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How Much Does Car Insurance Increase After an Accident?

No one wants to be involved in a car accident, but the reality is that they happen occasionally, even to the best of drivers. After an accident, you should only be concerned with everyone’s health and safety, but it’s likely that you will wonder about your auto insurance and how high your monthly rate will be following the incident. Unfortunately, having an accident on your record raises a red flag to automotive insurers and can cause your monthly premium to rise.

What Rate Increase Can I Expect?

There is no actual firm rule of thumb when it comes to an expected increase in your premium following an accident. In fact, these rates often vary by state, and can be as little at 12% in the state of New York or as large as 87% in Minnesota. You can truly expect additional premiums to add up over the years if you have multiple accidents on your record or if you were at-fault for the accident.

What Can I Do About an Insurance Premium Increase?

If you find that your insurance premium goes up after an accident, there are courses of action you can take. First of all, if this is your first accident or you were proven to not be at fault, you can talk to your auto insurance provider and ask if they could lower your premium back down. Many insurance companies offer accident forgiveness, which allows a literal forgiveness of the accident on your record so that your premium won’t climb too high. 

Avoid an Accident in the First Place

The number one way to keep your insurance premiums low is to make sure there are no accidents on your driving record. You can avoid an accident by making sure you practice good driving habits, including not engaging in distracted driving or texting while driving, not drinking or using substances before driving, and keeping your eyes on the road and following the speed limit. Being a safe driver will not only keep your insurance rates low, it will also keep you safe and protect you and your passengers from harm.

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