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In a Personal Injury Lawsuit? Here are 4 Social Media Tips to Follow

If you are currently fighting in a personal injury lawsuit, it is important to maintain a certain level of social media decorum when you’re online. Your social media can be bad for your personal injury case. Being thoughtful and responsible on your social media accounts can help your lawyer build your case and will not give the person you’re facing the upper hand in court. Your personal injury attorney will definitely thank you!

 Do Not Post About Your Case

The biggest rule for being involved in a lawsuit and being on social media is to simply not post anything at all about your case online. This can help reduce the amount of information that the other side has to use against you and, because you’re presumably not a lawyer, you may not always say the right things online that will not count against you.

Do Not Post About Your Injury

If you do post on social media, make sure you do not post about your injury that is included in the lawsuit. Any updates about your injury, your medical treatments, surgeries, or physical therapy can be taken out of context and potentially used against you. Even a simple “Feeling good today!” status could be taken out of context and used to prove that you were not truly affected by your injuries in the ways you claim.

Do Not Post Travel Photos

Do not post anything about physical movement or travel on your profiles. While it may be impressive that you traveled to Tulum, it can be used against you in court if it appears that you are well enough to travel and take a vacation.

Encourage Family and Friends to Do the Same

Personal injury lawsuits are serious business. That means that you should encourage your friends, family, and anyone else who is close to you and may normally post about you to follow the same rules that you are following. If they care about you, they will do what they can to ensure you have success in your case.