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IVC Filter Lawsuits – What You Need to Know

You may have heard about the lawsuits involving IVC filter issues in patients. This is a topic that’s all over the news today. However, what does that mean? What is an IVC filter? What’s wrong with them? Most importantly, what should I do if I have one? We will try to cover all of these vital questions so that you or a loved one will have all the facts regarding this hazardous topic.

An inferior vena cava filter or IVC filter is described as a type of vascular filter, a medical device that is implanted by interventional radiologists or vascular surgeons into the inferior vena cava to presumably prevent life-threatening pulmonary emboli. A pulmonary emboli is a condition in which one or more arteries in the lungs become blocked with a blood clot. Their effectiveness and safety profile is not well established, and in general, they are only recommended in some high-risk scenarios, according to the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

In August of 2010, the Federal Drug Administration issued a warning to doctors about the risks of the IVC filters. The IVC filters had many issues and risks associated with the design. Due to the design flaws, the filters had to be removed. Also, there were several medical studies that proved that the IVC filters were not as effective as blood thinners at preventing pulmonary embolism.

Lawsuits have been filed on the IVC filters fracturing. If an IVC filter fractures in a patient’s body, the filter, or parts of it, can migrate causing internal injuries including: Perforation of the heart, perforation of the lungs, hemorrhagic pericardial effusion (blood around the heart), cardiac tamponade (disruption of the heart caused by excess fluid),ventricular tachycardia (accelerated heartbeat), and puncturing of the vena cava.

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