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Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Many people who are injured in a motor vehicle collision often wonder, “Will I be compensated for all my injuries, and the associated pain and suffering?” The quick answer is, it depends. The most important factor in determining whether or not an injured party receives a fair amount of compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering is the limits of the insurance policy that covers the at-fault driver. The “policy limits” of an insurance policy is the maximum amount that can be paid to a claimant for their claim. These limits vary from state to state.

Please see the following list, courtesy of Shamit Choksey of www.cars.com:

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements by State

This information was verified with each state’s insurance commission. In some cases, the limits and requirements have recently changed. Forthcoming changes have been denoted with asterisks.
State Insurance Required Minimum Liability Limits
Alabama BI & PD Liab 25/50/25
Alaska BI & PD Liab 50/100/25
Arizona BI & PD Liab 15/30/10
Arkansas BI & PD Liab, PIP 25/50/25
California BI & PD Liab 15/30/51
Colorado BI & PD Liab 25/50/15
Connecticut BI & PD Liab, UM, UIM 20/40/10
Delaware BI & PD Liab, PIP 15/30/10
District of Columbia BI & PD Liab, UM 25/50/10
Florida PD Liab, PIP 10/20/102
Georgia BI & PD Liab 25/50/25
Hawaii BI & PD Liab, PIP 20/40/10
Idaho BI & PD Liab 25/50/15
Illinois BI & PD Liab, UM, UIM 20/40/15
Indiana BI & PD Liab, UM, UIM 25/50/10
Iowa BI & PD Liab 20/40/15
Kansas BI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM 25/50/10
Kentucky BI & PD Liab, PIP 25/50/10
Louisiana BI & PD Liab 15/30/25
Maine BI & PD Liab, UM, UIM 50/100/253
Maryland BI & PD Liab, PIP4, UM, UIM 30/60/15
Massachusetts BI & PD Liab, PIP, UM 20/40/5
Michigan BI & PD Liab, PIP, PPI 20/40/10
Minnesota BI & PD Liab, PIP, UM,UIM 30/60/10
Mississippi BI & PD Liab 25/50/25
Missouri BI & PD Liab, UM 25/50/10
Montana BI & PD Liab 25/50/10
Nebraska BI & PD Liab 25/50/25
Nevada BI & PD Liab 15/30/10
New Hampshire FR only7, UM 25/50/253
New Jersey BI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM 15/30/55
New Mexico BI & PD Liab 25/50/10
New York BI & PD Liab, PIP, UM 25/50/106
North Carolina BI & PD Liab, UM, UIM 30/60/25
North Dakota BI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM 25/50/25
Ohio BI & PD Liab 12.5/25/7.5
Oklahoma BI & PD Liab 25/50/25
Oregon BI & PD Liab, PIP, UM, UIM 25/50/20
Pennsylvania BI & PD Liab, PIP 15/30/5
Rhode Island BI & PD Liab, UM8 25/50/257
South Carolina BI & PD Liab, UM 25/50/25
South Dakota BI & PD Liab, UM 25/50/25
Tennessee BI & PD Liab 25/50/152
Texas BI & PD Liab 30/60/25**
Utah BI & PD Liab, PIP 25/65/152
Vermont BI & PD Liab, UM, UIM 25/50/10
Virginia BI & PD Liab, UM, UIM 25/50/20
Washington BI & PD Liab 25/50/10
West Virginia BI & PD Liab, UM 20/40/10
Wisconsin BI & PD Liab, UM 25/50/10
Wyoming BI & PD Liab 25/50/20