How Much is My Auto Accident Worth?

There is really no way to tell exactly what a case is worth until

  1. We have investigated it and determined liability and fault
  2. The doctors have determined what is wrong with you

Of course, the first thing you’ve got to do is figure out who is at fault in the accident. Is the other driver at fault? Are you partially at fault? If you’re partially at fault, your own negligence will deduct the amount of money that you can recover. So let’s say you’re 30% at fault. Then if your case is worth $100,000, you’re going to get 30% subtracted from that. If you’re 51% at fault, you don’t get anything — you get zero. You would think you would get 49%, but you don’t. So if you’re over 51% fault for an injury, then you don’t recover at all.

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