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Never Say These 3 Things After a Car Accident

Car accidents are caused by various reasons including brake failure, other cars, speeding, humans, animals, drunkenness, inanimate objects, etc. We hear of car accidents every day of our lives and hope we don’t get into one.  Car accidents can be very frightening and can cause great damages to cars, humans, and others involved. But when they happen, there are certain things we are not supposed to say. Below are three things we shouldn’t say after a car accident.

It’s my fault

When an accident happens, never used the sentence “it’s my fault. This is because you might not have a clear picture of the accident and then taking the blame for it can put you in serious trouble with the authority. You may falsely be admitting to someone’s fault without knowing it. Do not admit the accident was solely your fault because aside from being in trouble with the authorities, you might end up been depressed or feeling guiltily for the accident which can affect your mental health. Check immediately on the well-being of the involved parties of the accident if you can do so but never accept it’s your fault.

I’m fine

After an accident happens, aside from physical injuries, there might be internal injuries that may appear days or weeks after the accident. When involved in an accident, never say “you’re fine”, “you’re okay”, “you’re not hurt”. Make sure you get checked properly by the medical team and also run some tests before you declare yourself as “okay”.

I’ll settle the bill

Immediately after an accident, never say you will settle the bill or pay for damages involved.

Make sure you have the facts right and every detail concerning the accident. Ask for insurance covering the damaged vehicles. Consult with an attorney before you try to pay for an extra cost concerning the damages.


Accidents are unplanned for and they can be difficult to manage when it happens especially in severe cases. After an accident, it is important you know the right things to say and not to say so it won’t be used against you especially when a court case is involved. Don’t blame yourself for the accident, make sure you are medically fit and don’t try to explain how the accident happens, be sure you get enough details about the accident before admitting anything and don’t say you’ll settle the bill invoking damages.