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New Vehicle Safety Features For 2020

As vehicles evolve and improve, it is also important to improve on their safety features. So over the decades, components such as shatter-resistant glass, anti-lock brakes, airbags, electronic stability control, child safety locks and more have been added and constantly improved upon to ensure better safety and efficiency of the vehicle.

As new technologies are utilized in the manufacturing of vehicles, safety will remain a top priority to both the producer and the consumer.

Here are some improved or entirely new safety features to look out for in 2020 vehicle models

360° vision for the drivers

An improvement over the rear-view camera you may see in 2020 and beyond is the 360° view. Several cameras are stitched together in these models to make up for blind spots both in front and at the back of cars.

Pedestrian detection alert

This will alert the driver of any passers-by and bicycle users on its path. This feature in no doubt will reduce road accidents including pedestrian and bicycle accidents.

This feature mostly uses infrared light hence can aid the driver’s sight at night.

Adaptive cruise control

We all desire a long road trip once in a while. This necessitated the inclusion of cruise control as one of the safety measures in earlier models. However, constantly adjusting it to account for vehicles before you can be quite cumbersome.

The adaptive cruise control is made of dynamic radar to make up for this. It can adjust or maintain the speed concerning that of an oncoming vehicle on its path.

Lane departure alert

One of the most severe forms of road or car accidents is usually due to lane diversion. The near future models are fitted with measures that will either alert the driver or redirect the vehicle to the original lane to avoid a collision.

Inter vehicle communication

Cars may have the ability to communicate using fitted Wi-Fi. This is a perfect way to update each other on their speed, direction, location, etc to avoid a collision. This feature can also help with car searches in cases of missing vehicles or persons.

The good news is that some manufacturers (for example, Toyota) have included these features as part of the standard in 2020 ( Toyota corolla 2020) models. Therefore, one doesn’t have to pay extra to get them.

You will appreciate these more if you’ve even been involved in or lost someone dear to road accidents that could have been avoided if the vehicle producer paid more attention to the safety needs of the users.