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Overcorrecting a Serious Common Mistake

Overcorrection is a dangerous and common mistake made by many drivers, especially teenagers. Overcorrection or oversteering accounted for almost 4 percent of all fatal crashes according to the Insurance Information Institute.

Overcorrection refers to when a motorist grabs their steering wheel and abruptly turns it in the opposite direction from where the car is going. There are countless situations that can cause a driver to overcorrect such as:

  • Hitting the roadside rumble patch
  • Another vehicle swerving into your lane
  • Weather conditions such as icy patches
  • Animals crossing the road

What is happening when a driver overcorrects?

When a driver is on the road and all of a sudden begins to lose control of their vehicle, panic begins to set in. The driver anticipates an immediate danger and instinctively responds. The problem is that the response actually triggers an almost involuntary reaction which places the driver at a greater risk of being in a rollover.

Larger trucks and SUV’s are at a greater risk of being in a vehicular rollover. This is why it is critical that both novice and experienced drivers are aware of the dangers of overcorrection. Here are a few tips to avoid being in an oversteering accident.

  • Steer INTO skids caused by slippery roads
  • Slow down, even if it means driving on the shoulder for a short period
  • If on the shoulder of the road, do not steer back onto pavement right away
  • While slowing down, straddle the pavement edge
  • Counter-steer carefully to prevent veering into the opposite lane
  • DO NOT hit the brakes
  • Accelerate to normal traffic speed as soon as you’ve fully recovered

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