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Attention Any Injured Person at PF Changs Shooting in La Palmera Mall

As many of you have heard on the news, Anthony Carrington was arrested for the La Palmera shooting, and was also involved with two additional incidents: a bank robbery on the 5100 block of SPID and a shooting on the 1600 block of Elizabeth Street. According to KRISTV, “An employee came in (to P.F. Chang’s), got into a disturbance with another employee and it quickly escalated into a shooting…That suspect then fled the scene, and the victim was transported to a local hospital for treatment for gunshot wounds to the lower extremity and he’s in serious condition.” Those dining in PF Chang’s during the shooting explained to police that after they heard the gunshot, it was silent and then turned to chaos. Johnathan Flores, a PF Chang’s customer told KRISTIV, “It was like a few moments like silence and then complete chaos from there… Employees coming out screaming, crying. I was so lost in the moment.”

Those Injured in the Chaos Following the Shooting May Have A Personal Injury Case

So now the question is: “Will PF Changs in La Palmera Mall be sued for the Shooting scare and injuries caused to their customers?”

The answer: YES.

When the tragic shooting happened in the back of the restaurant, the PF Changs restaurant did not have any protocol for a safe exit for their customers. Many of the customers were trampled, stepped on, and seriously injured.

If you or someone you know was in the PF Changs Restaurant at La Palmera mall, call us immediately to claim your spot in the lawsuit.

What to do if you were injured at PF Changs during the La Palmera Mall Shooting

If you were at PF Changs in La Palmera during the tragic shooting and want to make a claim for your injuries, this is what you need to do:

  1. You have to see a doctor to document your injuries, there are going to be many people filling a claim for damages, and the only way to prove your damages is by visiting a doctor.
  2. Preserve all of your evidence from the time you were in the restaurant. That includes photos, videos, and receipts. This is all going to be used for evidence.
  3. Call us immediately to make a claim before it’s too late.

If you were at PF Changs but were not injured (Thankfully) – Please help the injured victims!

During the tragic shooting at PF Changs in La Palmera Mall, many of the customers inside the PF Changs restaurant were trampled, stepped on, and badly injured. Our law firm is representing injured individuals, and we need evidence. If you have any photos or videos during the tragic shooting scare at the PF Changs in La Palmera Mall, please contact us!


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