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This Roller System May Just Save Your Life

Over the years we have seen innovative advancements in the automobile industry to help reduce the number of fatalities on the road. They’ve added more airbags, cameras, self –parking systems, and many more attributes to help reduce the number of fatal accidents. This time, the innovation takes place not in the car but on the road.

A company has revolutionized the way accidents occur on the highway. They’ve invented a clever and safe barrage tool called the Road Roller System. The system is a safety fixture that prevents drivers and passengers from fatal accidents. Not only does it absorb the shock energy from the impact but also converts that energy into rotational energy safely leading a vehicle back to the road.


Basically, the rollers on the guard rail absorb the collision shock and turn it into rotational energy. The front rail absorbs the 2nd shock where the back rail absorbs the 3rd shock. A metal pipe is inserted in the rollers to reinforce and strengthen the post. As a vehicle slams into the guardrail, they will in effect be rolled back onto the road avoiding a crash or worse falling into a ditch or off a hill. “Safety Roller” needs to be installed at sites where vehicles are exposed to frequent accidents such as curved median strips, curved ramps, points of divergence, curved tunnels, passage intersections, school zones, and so on.

Not only is this product cost effective it’s also very easy to replace. Instead of replacing an entire guard rail, the rollers would simply need to be replaced and the rail pushed back into position. This invention is a great benefit to all drivers creating a safer, smarter road. Entering sharp corners can be a very dangerous area, mainly those who are speeding or live in areas with high-speed limits. But thankfully, with ideas such as “Safety Rollers”, passengers and drivers alike can be safer on the road.

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