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Texas Ranked as the Third Worst State for Driving

Texas may have some beautiful winding roads, but the state was recently ranked as one of the worst states to drive in according to an article published on bankrate.com. The site recently ranked all 50 states for their overall driving experience, and Texas came in as the third worst state to drive in the country. The study focused on these six factors that can affect a driver’s quality of life and the cost of maintaining a car in the state: The rate of fatal crashes, average commute times, cost of gasoline, car thefts, insurance premiums, and repair costs. California and Louisiana were rated as the worst two states in the study.

In the six categories that were included in the analysis, Texas failed to have any better than average results. In fact, Texas had the worst rate of fatal crashes with 1.42 deaths per 100 million miles compared with the U.S. average of 1.11. High insurance premiums also make driving in the state more expensive for residents, as the 5-year average insurance costs are 15% more than the national average of $911.  When it comes to car theft, Texas drivers are 13% more likely to have their car stolen than any other state. While the price of gas and repair expenses in Texas is closer to the national average, you can still expect to spend $88 more on gas each year in Texas and an additional $22 per job when fixing a vehicle.

While a bad ranking in this particular study means driving in the state could have a negative impact on your life, Bankrate.com has some easy suggestions to improve your driving situation. Shop around to find the lowest premium for your insurance, consider getting a gas rewards credit card to get more for your money (be sure to pay it off every time you fill up), and get a second opinion for any repairs to try to cut down on costs.

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