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What Types of Injuries Can Be Sustained in an Auto Accident?

Pretty much any type of injury, from a sprain or a strain, a traumatic brain injury, a concussive injury, you can get herniated disks, you can get bulging disks. Even a sprain or strain, what they call a whiplash injury, may not sound that serious to most people, but what that really is is a tearing of all of your muscle fibers.

If you don’t get some kind of therapy and get those muscle fibers massaged and back in place, what’s going to happen is you won’t heal properly. The muscles won’t lay back down where they’re supposed to and you’re going to end up with scar tissue in there, and that scar tissue can be in there for the rest of your life. So even a sprain or strain can really be serious and can need treatment. Name any kind of traumatic injury — it can happen in an automobile accident.