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What Does New Data Reveal About Link Between Income Levels and Car Accidents?

In recent years, the number of car accident fatalities across the country has decreased. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in the most recent year of complete traffic data, the number of fatalities on U.S. roadways continued a long-term downward trend. A significant factor contributing to the decreasing number of traffic fatalities is more innovative safety technology in recent automobiles models.

Unfortunately, it appears that the decline in fatal accidents is not consistent among people in all income brackets, according to new data in a Washington Post article. The data from a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology suggests that people who are economically disadvantaged continue to be the most at-risk for fatal accidents.

Those with fewer financial resources tend to drive older model vehicles that have fewer safety features. They are more likely to be fatally injured in car crashes than are those individuals who are considered to be financially well off. A car accident attorney lawyer in Rio Grande Valley can assist you if you have been injured due to another driver’s carelessness or disregard for safety.

The Reality of Car Accident Fatalities

The new research indicates that fatality rates among people ages 25 and older with less than a high school education have increased over time, while the biggest declines in car accident fatalities have occurred among the most highly educated.

Are Advancements in Automobile Technology Saving Lives?

It is not education levels alone that affect a person’s chances of being involved in a fatal wreck. Those who are more educated tend to make more money, and they can afford to buy newer cars and pickup trucks that have more safety features and crash warning systems.

  • Extra safety features;
  • Side airbags;
  • Automatic warning systems;
  • Rear cameras; and
  • Excellent crash test ratings.

Technological advances, when added as standard features to vehicles, do save lives. Consider how many lives have been saved by seat belts and air bags, safety features we now take for granted that were once cutting edge technology. To increase awareness about technological innovations and driving safety, Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C., is sponsoring an essay contest to help young people further their education.

Bad Cars, Bad Healthcare, Bad Infrastructure

The researchers found that in addition to driving cars with fewer safety features, those who are economically disadvantaged are also more likely to live in areas with fewer trauma centers. This means that after a collision occurs, a person living in a rural community in the Rio Grande Valley may have decreased access to good healthcare as compared to a person living in a more affluent area. Rural communities also tend to have less infrastructure such as crosswalks and traffic lights designed to prevent traffic accidents and pedestrian accidents.

How Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C., Helps Car Accident Victims

The facts and statistics regarding who is most at risk of being seriously or fatally injured in an accident are both eye-opening and alarming. At Herrman & Herrman, P.L.L.C., our dedicated car accident lawyers in the Rio Grande Valley have a detailed knowledge of Texas traffic laws and are committed to helping the victims of unsafe drivers. We want to help you recover the damages that you deserve if you or a family member has been injured in an auto accident.

To learn more about our commitment to protecting accident victims in our community, and how we can help you after a car accident, contact our car accident attorneys in Rio Grande Valley at 844-426-3000. Hablamos Español.