What To Do After A Car Accident?

Car accidentcan be ugly scenarios that often happen on major highways. They are bad events that may not be avoided due to the fact that cars and trucks would drive at different rates of speed and drivers are driving under different conditions. There are necessary steps to take when a car accident happens. These steps ensure that there is no further risk of harm at the scene of the accident and to ensure that safety of those involved. 

Step by step instruction on what to do after the occurrence of a car accident 

The first thing to do after the occurrence of an accident is to stop.  If possible, find a safe place off the roadway and away from traffic.   Next: 

1. Protect the Area: After the accident take steps to ensure other road users are aware of the situation around that spot. You can do this by using caution angle, flashlight (in case if it’s night), or leaving your caution light on. This will make other drivers aware of the accident and let them know to take extra caution while driving by. 

2. Checking of Safety level: Things to check here include; 

  • Safety of the car
  • Is the engine still running? If yes, then switch it off
  • Safety of the victims
  • How safe is the surrounding as a whole?

3. Inform the Police: Informing the property authorities about the incident is very necessary. A police report may be necessary when filing documents for an insurance company. 

4. Taking Pictures of the whole Incident: Pictures show proof of damages and will help show how the accident happened 

5. Gather Information of the driversTake down all the information you can about the other driver.   It is important to get their; 

  • Name,
  • TelephoneNumber,
  • Address,
  • And information insurance information.

6. Take accurate Records: It is important to provide accurate information to the police, medical providers, the insurance company and your attorney.    

7. Seek Medical Attention: This is one of the most important things you can do. Car and truck accidents are violent fast-moving collisions that often create great harm to the people involved.  You should make sure that you know the extent of your injuries so that you can seek the proper medical treatment to get better.   

8. Protect your Right: Insurance companies are not your friend.  It is not their job to help you.  You may need the help of an attorney to protect your rights. 

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