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Car Crashes after I-35 Police Chase

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A driver suspected of human smuggling crashed his vehicle, after a two-hour police chase on Monday night. According to FOX San Antonio, police began chasing the driver in Dimmit County, after he refused to pull over and stop his vehicle. The driver used Interstate 35 to travel to San Antonio, where he crashed his vehicle near New Laredo Highway and Cassin Lane.

After the crash, the driver attempted to run away from the vehicle, but police stopped him near the vehicle using a stun gun. Officers found six suspected illegal immigrants in the vehicle. Police have not reported any injuries from the accident. The driver was arrested at the scene of the accident, and he is facing charges of evading arrest and human smuggling.

There is no information about the driver or his vehicle at this time. This is an ongoing story, and we will provide more details as they become available.

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