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Car flips through the air, splits in half, all passengers survive

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – A speeding driver on IH-37 flipped his car, crashing into a light pole which then split the car in half on Saturday night.

The incident occurred on Interstate Highway 37 near Morgan Road. Police are still looking into the cause of an unusual crash on Saturday night. A 22 year-old male driver was speeding on IH-37 when he flipped his car, carrying 3 other passengers, into a TxDot light pole. The force of the impact split the car in half.

According to KIIItv none of the passengers sustained life-threatening injuries. Witnesses to the crash as well as the scene afterwards say the survival of all passengers is a “miracle”. The driver of the vehicle is being served with a DWI charge.

The passengers were sent to two different hospitals where they are reportedly in good condition.

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