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Police arrest driver after intentionally damaging a car

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Police officers arrested a woman on Sunday for intentionally damaging a vehicle when she cut in line at a local Whataburger.

News 4 San Antonio reports that the incident took place at a Whataburger on Southwest Loop 410 on April 15. Andrea Santarelly, 19, drover her white Nissan in front of several cars waiting in the drive-thru line. The other drivers would not allow Santarelly to cut in front of the line, so she pushed between the cars and damaged one of the vehicle’s front-left bumper in the process.

After hitting the car, Santarelly left her vehicle and began shouting at the driver and banging on the windows. She then used a belt buckle to scratch the hood and the back of the car. Santarelly left the scene soon after the incident. However, the driver in the damaged vehicle gave police a description of Santarelly’s car and her license plate number.

On Sunday, May 10, the San Antonio Police Department contacted Santarelly about the incident and then arrested her. Santarelly explained that she was angry at the other driver, which led her to damage their car. Santarelly caused $2,067 worth of damage to the vehicle and she is facing a criminal mischief charge.

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