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Three Car Crash In Corpus Christi Causes Injury to Nine-Year Old Child

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – An accident involving three cars caused injury to a 9-year old child in the passenger seat.

The incident occurred Monday near the intersection of Airline Road and Williams Drive. According to police reports a black 2016 Chrysler was following another vehicle too closely. Reports of what happened during the incident are sparse.

The accident caused damage to the front end of all three vehicles involved. A silver 2012 Chevrolet was hit twice in the crash. The Chevrolet was carrying a woman and a child. Police report that weather was clear at the time of the incident.

The 9-year old child sustained non life-threatening injuries in the crash. Police reported no other injuries as a result of the accident. Authorities have provided no further information on the condition of the drivers and passengers involved in the crash.

Police found the driver of the 2016 Chrysler to be at fault for the accident.

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