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Unlicensed driver in Brownsville injures two

BROWNSVILLE, TX – Two women were injured on Sunday when an unlicensed driver caused a three- vehicle collision on West San Marcello Boulevard.

An unlicensed 18-year-old in a blue 1997 Dodge was speeding near the intersection of West San Marcello Boulevard and Vista del Golf at 11:52 a.m. on May 3. According to My Accident, the driver’s excessive speed caused a collision with a black 2018 Cadillac and a silver 2019 Buick.

Officers from the Brownsville Police Department reported two people were injured during the crash. A 29-year-old passenger in the Cadillac and the 70-year-old Buick driver both sustained injuries, but the type and severity of these injuries have not been released.

The three vehicles involved in the accident were severely damage. Police officers had to call a tow truck to remove all of the cars from the road.

The Brownsville Police Department gave the Dodge’s driver two citations. The first citation was for excessive speed and the second was for driving without a license and proof of insurance.

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