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Update: More information released concerning fatal crash into hospital

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX – More information has been released on the deadly crash into Corpus Christi Medical Center Bay Area that claimed the life of a pregnant woman Wednesday, KIII reports.

Gracelynn Stump was behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz when she accelerated from a stopped position and drove through a gate into a building.

Police and firefighters extricated three occupants from the Mercedes using the jaws of life. One of the occupants, Destiny Cortinas, 25, was the pregnant daughter of Stump. Cortinas was taken into surgery, where she died from her injuries. An emergency c-section was performed and medical personnel was able to save the life of the baby.

Stump suffered severe injuries in the accident and will be facing intoxication manslaughter charges for her daughter’s death when she is released from the hospital.

The current condition of the third occupant is unclear.

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