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Are Pets Covered in a Car Accident? – It Depends!

Driving With Your Texas Pets

Most families in Texas own pets that, aside from being kept in the home or taken out on walks, are also driven about in a car. Unfortunately, car accidents happen, and pets, just like their owners can also get hurt during accidents. During car accidents, it is known that the owner of the car and the passengers are covered by auto insurance. So, what about the pets? What happens if their owners are injured during the accident and can’t care for the pet?

Do All Insurance Companies Cover Pets in a Car Wreck?

There are many auto insurance companies in Texas that cover pets during accidents, regardless of which party was at fault. Some of these companies have special injury coverage ranging above one thousand dollars for the pets. These are insurance companies that pet owners need to work with before taking their pets out in cars. Without getting this insurance, a pet owner might have to cover the cost of their pet’s injuries even when they are not at fault for the accident.

Pet Auto Insurance in 2019

As a pet owner, the best insurance for your pet is umbrella insurance. If you are not at fault for the accident, and if the driver at fault has liability insurance, the treatment of your pet’s injuries will be completely covered. This is because your pet is also personal property. However, in this situation the compensation cost has limits.

Pet Injuries In Auto Accidents

In a situation where a pet dies from the injuries occurred in a car accident, the compensation is not defined. You, as the dog owner, can insist that the party at fault pays according to the sentimental value of the pet, the market value of the pet, or for emotional distress. This payment will be decided based on the pet’s breed, health, and age.

Can I get a Tax Break If I Insure My Pet?

For situations where the pet owner is injured in the accident and cannot care for the pet, The Humane Society members will take the pet and keep it for at least three free days until it can be retrieved.

If I Insure My Pet, Will it Raise My Car Insurance?

To ensure that your pet is covered during auto accidents, despite the party at fault, make sure you look around for car insurance companies that cover pets & that offer that specific coverage.

Where to Look for Insurance Coverage for Domesticated Animals

Look through the terms of the auto insurance and choose auto insurance with coverage that is befitting for your pet. Keep in mind that most auto insurance companies in Texas do not cover pets, while some do not provide enough insurance. With proper search, you will definitely come across auto insurance companies that will provide your pet the kind of insurance you prefer.