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Best and Worst Cities to be a Driver in Texas

Whether you are traveling, driving to work, visiting a friend, or simply picking up fast food, some cities in Texas offer drivers a better experience than others. For most, the road itself has a major impact on a driver’s satisfaction, however, there are a number of other variables that need to be accounted for as well. The list of the 100 best and worst cities to be a driver provided by WalletHub takes a look at the average gas prices, average annual traffic delays, and rates of car theft.

According to a survey conducted by Citi Thank You Premier, the average person spends about 200 hours each year on the road plus an additional 40 hours stuck in traffic. The added cost of wasted time and fuel due to traffic congestion equals to an astounding $124 billion dollars according to Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) and INRX, Inc., plus $515 for repairs and maintenance due to inadequate roads. The United States ranks #16 in the world for the quality of its roads and received a ‘D’ from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Let’s just say there is work to be done on our roads. Here’s the list of the best and worst cities for drivers in Texas.


  • 3. Corpus Christi, TX
  • 8. Laredo, TX
  • 11. El Paso, TX
  • 12. Lubbock, TX
  • 36.Plano, TX


  • 44. Austin, TX
  • 52. Dallas, TX
  • 53. Garland, TX
  • 58. Fort Worth, TX
  • 65. Houston, TX