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Can Victims of COVID-19 Sue for Personal Injury?

Coronavirus has impacted thousands of lives directly, and even more lives indirectly. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or have died from the virus, it is natural to wonder what your options might be, legally and otherwise. Though the virus is still new to the United States and there is much to learn about its relationship to the legal system, it is possible you could have a case in a personal injury suit if you or someone else become a victim of COVID. If you can prove negligence on the part of someone else is the reason you or someone else contracted the virus, you may be eligible for compensation. Always consult a personal injury lawyer with many years’ experience if you’re ever considering filing a lawsuit for something like this. 

Why You May Want to Consider a Personal Injury Lawsuit for Your COVID-19 Diagnosis

Being infected with coronavirus can do even more than damage your just to your physical body. Due to medical bills, you may be in debt. Additionally, because the virus is so contagious and so little is known about how to limit its spread, you likely will miss a lot of work after being infected with COVID. That can cause a loss of income and create financial strain in your family. You may also be left with some emotional stress or trauma from having such a high-profile and confusing virus.

What You Should Do if You’re Considering Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you’re considering pursuing legal action, it is important that you contact a personal injury lawyer with lots of experience in arguing and winning cases having to do with disease. You could be entitled to compensation if an experienced lawyer can prove that you or your loved one contracted the coronavirus due to negligence on behalf of your employer, a business owner, or someone else in your life. Having COVID-19 can seriously affect your life in numerous different ways, so it is important to hold whoever was culpable accountable if you can. Contact Herrman & Herrman, PLLC.