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Holiday Safe Travel Tips

The holiday is the most suitable period to go on pleasant travel trips, and the most popular time for travelers, as it comes with extensive travel time. It is, however, essential to be aware of certain safety precautions while planning your trip at this time of the year.

Holiday safety issue ranges greatly from late November to mid-January, when people gather massively for reunions with their families and relatives. It is, however, important to take several basic precautions to ensure your safety through the season.

The holiday travel comes with a lot of flying and airports, despite being the fastest means of transportation, most people ultimately travel with their cars; parked for drives, which has been identified with the highest fatality rate for accidents than other major forms of transportation.

Safety precautions while planning your holiday travels

  • Prepare safety measures for your home against while you are away, ensuring proper security systems are installed and in proper working conditions.
  • Ensure you do adequate car maintenance check, keep emergency safety kits, and check state laws of the course you’d drive. Ensure everyone in the vehicle is buckled up, and do away with any form of distraction.
  • Know the terrain you’d be driving in, plan ahead and identify alternate routes, understand the safety regulations of driving on icy roads, how to maneuver your vehicle on such roads, and practice defensive driving. Also, check on the weather condition and know the climatic state of areas you’d be driving in through your course of travel.
  • Make adequate plans for frequent rest stops, and not travel for too long each day. As it is essential to rest your legs to maintain your energy level and remain alert on the road.
  • Ensure you have the right gadget with you. Carry a mobile phone with you and charger, importantly a portable mobile travel charger and a car phone charger, and any navigation system of your choice.
  • Keep a few bottles of water in handy to stay hydrated. As dehydration during a long drive can cause fatigue and decrease alertness which is dangerous on the road.
  • Keep your hands clean and sanitized at all times, with soap and hand sanitizer, as it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle against contagious germs and diseases. Simultaneously considering the safety of your food during your trip, packing healthy nutritional food rather than fast foods.
  • Ensure someone close to you has a copy of your travel plans, contact information and keep copies of any form of your identification. And remember to drive safely.