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How To Avoid A Car Accident

Car and Truck accidents can cause significant injuries and alter the course of your life. While not every car or truck accident can be avoided, the likelihood of a collision can reasonably be reduced by taking certain steps. You owe it to yourself to take every precaution to avoid an accident. These are some steps you can take to minimize your chances of being involved in a collision.

Check the status of your car before driving:

You should check:

  • The fuel level.
  • The condition of the four tires.
  • You should regularly check the oil level, coolant level and other fluids in your car or truck.
  • Your mirrors.

Observe while driving: You are typically not the only one driving on a roadway. Also, there may be something unexpected on the road. You need to keep an eye on your mirrors (side and rear mirror) at all times. You must be aware of your surroundings, including other vehicles and any obstructions on the roadway.

Don’t get too close to the vehicle ahead: Getting close to the person driving in front of you is extremely dangerous. You should keep a proper distance in the event the person in front of you suddenly and unexpectedly slams on the breaks. Following to close can result in a collision. That you caused.

Be watchful of potholes and other obstructions: Many of our roadways are in disrepair. There are often potholes and other obstructions. Approach potholes and other obstructions with caution. Slow down and never rush over a pothole when driving over a one. Hitting a pothole or other obstruction can cause significant damage to your vehicle, or worse yet, cause you to lose control and hit another car or truck. If possible, you should avoid potholes all together by moving to another lane.

Obey all traffic light and other traffic signs.

Watch out for pedestrians.

Follow the rules of the road. Drive safely and obey traffic signals and signs. Drive the speed limit. Take caution when passing another vehicle or making a U-turn or taking any other action.

Do not be a distracted driver.

When driving focus on the road:

  • Do not talk on the phone
  • Do not text
  • Do not eat
  • Do not focus on others in your car

Never Assume: while driving, never assume that the other drivers are being careful. Drive defensively by keeping a proper lookout.